Drew McIntyre Confirms RAW Segment With CM Punk & Seth Rollins Was Unscripted

(Photo Credit: WWE)

There is a reason the CM Punk and Drew McIntyre verbal exchanges during their segment that included WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin'” Rollins from this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw felt so explosive.

Because they were.

And no one was fully ready for what they heard.

During a recent appearance on the Torg & Elliot In The Morning radio show on 96.3fm WLVQ, McIntyre spoke about how the segment was unscripted for the most part, with only a general outline given to the three involved in the near half-hour live segment.

“If you watch that interview with myself, CM Punk, and Seth Rollins, I’m sure you could feel the tension,” McIntyre said. “Basically, the whole thing, if it felt uncomfortable, it’s because there was an outline and it’s three guys going out there who may not like each other and may have personal feelings, but also are good at their job and we go out there and tear into each other verbally without it on a piece of paper because it’s stupid writing everything down to deliver it to a live audience.”

Check out the complete Drew McIntyre interview from the Torg & Elliot In The Morning show via the media player embedded below. If the media player fails to load, visit SoundCloud.com.