Eric Bischoff Calls AEW “Nothing More Than A Rich Kid’s Sandbox He Pays Others To Play In”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

In a series of responses to fans via Twitter/X, Eric Bischoff, who has been critical of AEW in recent years, wrote about the brand.

Here are the main points:

Thoughts on AEW President Tony Khan:

“For the record, I’ve never said Tony was a fraud. My impression is that he’s a good person. He doesn’t have a freaking clue about producing television, and his knowledge of the industry is limited to what impressed him when he was 12, but that doesn’t make him a fraud.”

The quality of AEW shows:

“I have watched/commented positively on production values. Creative, on the other hand, is embarrassingly bad. Poorly constructed/creatively vapid story, AWOL formatting structure, and 1980s style narrative make AEW nothing more than a rich kids sandbox he pays others to play in.”

Claim that he’s “salty” about not having a job with AEW:

“AEW is a great place to maximize the end of one’s run. I respect all the talent who had the foresight to extend their earning potential once their WWE run was over. I have no need to do so. And I’m grateful for that. But working for AEW? For me would be a sad ending. And I’m writing a hell of an ending.”