Ethan Page Discusses His Transition To WWE NXT From A “Chaotic And Unorganized” Environment

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Former AEW star Ethan Page talked about his WWE NXT debut during an appearance on the Talk’n Shop podcast.

“I went from somewhere that was so chaotic and unorganized to a place that, I mean I’m still learning because I’m still so new here, but this is a machine and it’s incredible. It feels good to not feel like I have to do everything myself. To have people that want to see me succeed is kind of mind blowing.”

“I’m seventeen years in, I still feel like — I don’t want to say the word green, but like, I’ve essentially had to do everything myself. I pretty much taught myself how to wrestle and now I’m like, oh, there’s geniuses here all day that I can be like, ‘Does this suck? Okay, well tell me how to do it better,’ and they will.”

You can check out the interview below:

(quotes courtesy of Skylar Russell)