Former WWE Champion Set For Marigold Summer Destiny In Japan

At the upcoming Summer Destiny show, Dream Star Fighting Marigold (Marigold) and WWE will continue their working relationship.

Giulia is working for STARDOM founder Rossy Ogawa in his new promotion due to her loyalty to Ogawa, who helped her become a big star in STARDOM before moving to WWE. Giulia was expected to report to the WWE Performance Center in late June or early July, with the intention of working NXT Heatwave on July 7th, but it was reported last month that those in Japan who know her have stated that she will not start with WWE as soon as Heatwave does.

Now a new layer of the relationship has emerged. According to an announcement made Tuesday morning, former WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY will wrestle Utami Hayashishita on July 13th at Sumo Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Before joining WWE in 2018, SKY worked for STARDOM since 2011, where she was a two-time Wonder of Stardom Champion, six-time Artist of Stardom Champion, two-time World of Stardom Champion, the inaugural SWA World Champion, one-time Goddesses of Stardom Champion, and one-time High-Speed Champion.

Giulia will face former WWE NXT star Sareee at the upcoming show. In the coming weeks, more bouts will be announced for the event, which will be broadcast on WrestleUniverse.