Hangman Adam Page Not Injured But Could Be Pulled From AEW Revolution

Hangman Adam Page seemed to have injured his ankle during his match on Dynamite, which caused some confusion regarding his status for AEW Revolution last night and this morning.

According to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live, Page worked an ankle injury but is fine. The reason he worked the injury at the end of the match was to have a cover story for missing the AEW Revolution pay-per-view. Page is said to be dealing with a personal matter, and he may or may not be able to wrestle on pay-per-view. He is currently scheduled to wrestle Swerve Strickland and Samoe Joe in a three-way match on that show.

For those who missed it, Hangman held his ankle after landing on his foot and sliding out of the ring. Hangman could be heard instructing the cameraman not to film him.

Alvarez stated that he spoke with people in the company who had no idea what was going on but had heard Hangman was hurt. People messaged Alvarez in the morning to confirm that Hangman was not injured.

Alvarez stated, “Essentially what happened was, Hangman is not hurt. Hangman, however, I don’t know if the people in the match knew. All I know is almost nobody knew. He worked an ankle injury. The reason that he worked an ankle is because he has something going on in his personal life and he may not be able to work the pay-per-view. So he worked this ankle injury. Essentially if he can work the pay-per-view, then I gets he can “tape it up” and work because he’s not actually hurt. If he can’t work the pay-per-view then this is the cover story as to why he can’t work the pay-per-view…virtually nobody knew about it.”

Alvarez stated that it was possible that people in the game were unaware of the worked ankle injury because he performed it at the end of the game when he was no longer required. Hangman is popular among his coworkers, and this is not interpreted as him avoiding them. This was just something he did to give himself an excuse if he couldn’t attend Revolution.