Heath Slater Addresses A Possible WWE Return

Former WWE star Heath Slater recently appeared as a guest on Francine’s “Eyes Up Here” podcast for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling. During the discussion, Slater talked about his time in Impact Wrestling:

“In a brief, like, a little summary of Impact for me. I got released from WWE. Three months later, I went to Impact in the COVID days where there’s no people and it was weird and sucked ass. Excuse me. I didn’t mean to say that. It was horrible. We hated it. It was like wrestling practice matches all the time. We knew the camera, everyone was seeing it, but it’s always good to feel the energy. I got hurt like six months after COVID hit and I was out and already signed the deal with Impact for two years, but they honored my contract. They didn’t shoot me to the side. They extended my contract. They paid me while I was hurt to where it was just like, I gotta tip my hat to Scott D’Amore and all of them. They’re stand up people. They’re good people. They really are.”

“Once that happened and I came back and I started getting in the mix and I started meeting the locker room and getting to know everybody and everything man, like if they wanted to sign me for two more years, I would. No B.S. It’s a good atmosphere. It’s a great locker room. People work together. They don’t try to stab you in the back. They’re good people. It’s a very good locker room. Even like the management, I get to go and wrestle and get my fix in wrestling because you know, that’s what I do it for, but I get to have my time at home to where I get to be Daddy. I get to watch movies and play outside with my girls and we go to Dave and Busters and everything. We have a blast.”

On 3MB:

“So back in the day, whenever WWE had a big firing, it was like in the middle of 3MB and all this stuff. The next thing you know, Drew and Jinder got released. I stayed there for another, you know, COVID hit and then I got released, but during that time, Drew and Jinder came back. I brought Jinder back and then he jumped me and then he got a contract. Then Drew brought me back after I actually got released and then me and him had a little segment which was probably one of the best moments I had on television with anybody. That was literally like a tear-jerker moment for me and him because he’s a brother of mine. He’s my brother. They both came back and won the world title. In 3MB, I was the frontman and the one doing all this shit and now everyone’s like, ‘You’ve got to fulfill the prophecy. You have to do this. You have to become the world champ because they did it.”

If he would return to WWE:

“On July 15th, I’m going to be 40 years old. I was with WWE ever since I was 23 years old. I literally had this three year break with them that I’ve been with Impact, but I was with WWE. I was on the independents for maybe two years and then I got signed. It was just like, oh crap, I made it type thing. I stayed there for 15 years of my life. It was one of those things where I look at my age, and I look at my girls and their age, and how much they probably need me and everything. I know with WWE, it’s like, man, this is the military. You signed the contract and you’re there on every beck and call, but it’s one of those things that no one in this world pays like them.”

“I know if I can get another three year run, I could probably be set with them. I’m looking at 40 now. I’ve told myself I’m not gonna go past 47. Like 47 has been my little staple to where if I still feel good, maybe, but it’s one of those things where like 45 to 47 has been my number that I’ve gave myself when I got signed when I was 20. I’ve got another five to seven years that I feel like I could do this. So if they ever offered, you know, I mean, it’s the biggest place in the world to perform at and I was there for my whole career, pretty much.”

You can check out the complete show below:

(h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription)