How to Bet on WWE from Canada

The outcomes of Pro WWE Wrestling are premeditated and choreographed. Nevertheless, only a few chosen individuals are aware of how these events turned out. They risk their lives to protect this information. 

Due to this, you may wager on the results of significant WWE events at several online sportsbooks. So, how can you bet on WWE from Canada?

While WWE matches are planned, Canadian online gambling sites still let you wager on WWE events.  The top bookmakers provide lucrative markets for all pay-per-view contests when it comes to wagering on the WWE. 

Fans of WWE may get odds for specific matches just like those who wager on the UFC and other combat sports. WWE futures options for wagering and WWE props are also available. You can maximize your profits at participating sportsbooks by taking advantage of odds boosts in addition to incentives.

Betting on WWE from Canada

A trustworthy wrestling sportsbooks is the first thing you’ll need to have a great betting experience. So, find a detailed bookmaker list in Canada and choose the best-rated site for betting on the WWE. Next, consider these factors before you place your first bet:  

WWE odds

It can be difficult to obtain odds for the WWE because wrestling is not a popular sport. Naturally, the top WWE betting sites offer odds all year long. However, it could be challenging to find the costs. 

Wrestling has its area in a few Canadian online sportsbooks. On other websites, the “specialty” section can provide WWE odds. It’s also important to note that some websites only provide wrestling odds before major tournaments. This implies that you might not discover them until a couple of weeks before the occasion. 

Be sure to examine each site as each sportsbook is unique. You can still discover WWE odds elsewhere even if your preferred bookmaker doesn’t have a dedicated area for them.

WWE Props

You can profit from the extensive selection of WWE props in addition to the match odds for the WWE. The props are constantly changing according to the event and the script while betting on the WWE.  Props are available for various matches.  You can now anticipate things like the strategy for winning. 

Canadian sportsbooks may also offer props betting choices before WWE pay-per-views. These are typically created especially for a particular occasion, like the Royal Rumble.

WWE Futures

The best Canadian sportsbooks still provide odds for WWE futures even though wrestling is scripted. The following WWE Champion is among them. For every pay-per-view event, futures bets are also available. These odds include those for WWE Backlash, WWE Fastlane, and WWE Survivor Series. 

Future wagers can be made on who will win the Intercontinental Championship and other significant matches as well as other WWE championship belts.

Types of WWE bets you can bet on

WWE wagers are often quite straightforward. Sportsbooks typically only offer uncomplicated wagers because they don’t generate a lot of money from them. These are excellent if you’re a novice or a customer seeking a straightforward experience. 

The straight bet is the most popular wager available. This entails selecting the victor of a game, competition, or annual championship. You may place bets on simple props at a few WWE betting websites and online sportsbooks. 

You can wager, for instance, on which wrestler will stay in the ring the longest or who will show up first. Additionally, you can wager on prop bets that predict how the game will end, such as a clean win or a disqualification.

What to look for in a WWE betting site

If you are new to online gambling, it may be challenging to locate the top WWE betting sites for Canadians. Some of the factors to consider when looking for a WWE betting site in Canada include:

Betting markets

Finding the finest WWE betting markets is a smart place to start if you’re a fan of the WWE and want to earn money betting on the WWE. The best WWE markets are available to Canadians at the leading Canadian sportsbooks. The WWE draft selections are among the many props they bring. 

The greatest online betting sites are worth visiting for their tempting odds and extensive selection of markets. Additionally, a few websites give you early access to event odds for pay-per-view contests before any other bookmaker does.

Live streaming feature

Leading Canadian online casinos and sportsbooks include exciting account functions like live streaming. You can access, watch, and wager on any event thanks to live feeds from across the globe. Live streaming is a crucial feature for sports bettors who are constantly on the road because it gives you access to the game whenever you want. 

You may view live streams at the most reputed sportsbooks from anywhere in the world. To access any broadcast, you may also download their mobile app, making it practical for everyone.

Mobile compatibility

Not all online bookmakers offer an iPhone or Android user-friendly mobile app. Even though betting apps are practical and simple to use, many sportsbooks still do not have a version for either device. Some online bookmakers do, however, provide betting apps. 

The top betting applications ought to work on both iPhone and Android phones. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you should easily access it. In the Apple App Store, several sportsbooks also provide an iPhone betting app.


By choosing an online sportsbook that offers sizable bonuses and fantastic promotions, you can increase your bankroll when signing up. The top new sportsbooks and casinos online welcome new players with sizable bonuses and a plethora of promos. Free bets, spins, and other rewards are among them. 

The best incentives may be found at new online casinos in Canada. By registering to earn your sports welcome bonus, wrestling fans can increase their financial flexibility.

Payment options

The finest sportsbooks accept credit cards as well as other secure payment methods from Canadian customers. Additionally, you must be able to deposit rapidly using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payment methods. You may quickly and securely complete transactions by making deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies. 

Numerous cryptocurrency payment methods are accepted by new betting sites. You should be able to quickly register an account as a WWE fan and make a deposit using cryptocurrencies.