Impact Wrestling Results – August 31, 2023

Impact Wrestling is back on AXS TV and pre rerecorded from Toronto’s Rebel Entertainment Complex with a stacked show. On the card is Jake Something, SANADA, & Frankie Kazarian vs. Moose, Eddie Edwards, & Brian Myers and Eric Young vs. Kon. Plus, a Knockouts Battle Royal to earn a shot at Knockouts Champion Trinity featuring, Alisha Edwards, Masha Slamovich, Killer Kelly, Gisele Shaw, Jessicka, KiLynn King, Jody Threat, Savannah Evans, Vanna Black and Courtney Rush. We will also see Crazzy Steve in action.

Knockouts Battle Royal (Winner get an Impact Knockouts World Championship at Victory Road) – Alisha Edwards, Masha Slamovich, Killer Kelly, Gisele Shaw, Jessicka, KiLynn King, Jody Threat, Savannah Evans, Vanna Black and Courtney Rush –

RESULTS: AND NEW KNOCKOUTS WORLD CHAMPION ALISHA EDWARDS! Alisha Edwards eliminates KiLynn King and Jody Threat by sneaking from behind while they were trying to get each other over the ropes.

After the match, the camera shows Impact Knockouts Champion Trinity looking on and she looks pleasantly surprised.

Backstage interview with the Impact World Champion Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin:

During the interview Josh Alexander walks up. Josh says the loss is on him because of Maclin’s distraction. He has to get his emotions in check. Shelley says he doesn’t appreciate Josh touching the title and calling it his. Alex Shelley says he doesn’t like the idea he’s a transitional champion. The Rascalz interrupts after Josh leaves. Chris Sabin says they’re embarrassing themselves and he challenges Wentz to a match tonight.


Alisha and Eddie are celebrating. She says she’s not just a champion’s wife and sends a message to Frankie, Traci, and Trinity that she’s going to be champion.

Crazzy Steve vs. Mike Bailey –

RESULTS: Mike Bailey defeats Crazzy Steve via referee disqualification after Steve refused to stop digging the eyes of Mike Bailey. After the match, Crazzy Steve attacks the referee and proceeds to attack Bailey with a fork! Out comes his stablemate Black Taurus to try and calm Steve but Steve chases Taurus to the back. No one can control him!


Myers hypes up his six-man tag match with Moose and Edwards. Bully walks up and Myers says Bully is the only one who has a problem with PCO. Moose says they’re not part of that. Bully then hears PCO approaching.


We then see footage of Bully running from PCO. He shoves a door against PCO’s arm to prevent him from reaching. Bully says he tried to kill the monster and tries speaking to the man.

Kon vs. Eric Young –

RESULTS: After Young hit a piledriver on the outside to Kon, Kon struggled to get in the ring! Eric Young defeats Kon via pinfall with a second Piledriver as Kon yelled FINISH THIS!

X – Division Champion Lio Rush Backstage promo:

He questions why he’s wrestling Wentz tonight. Kushida walks up with his X in hand and simply says, “Victory Road.”

Gia interviews Deonna Purrazzo about her loss at Emergence:

Deonna says she’s faced setbacks but despite that, she’s still the face of the Knockouts division. She turns her focus to Jordynne, who is returning at Victory Road. Purrazzo says we’ve forgotten about her, but if she wants to re-emerge, then fine. Deonna Purrazzo officially challenges Grace Jordynne to another match at Victory Road.

Zachary Wentz w/ Trey Miguel vs. Chris Sabin w Impact World Champion Alex Shelly –

RESULTS: Chris Sabin defeats Zachary Wentz via pinfall with a mistle drop kick from the top rope followed by the Cradle Shock. During the match, Trey got involved which caused Shelly to get involved but it was just enough to defeat one half of the Impact World Tag Team Champions. Miguel immediately ambushes the Motor City Machine Guns and then The Rascalz retreat with their gold in hand. Shelley continues to yell from the ramp.


ABC congratulates The Rascalz on winning the tag titles at Emergence. They say, it’ll be even sweeter for them to beat The Rascalz to regain the gold. Bey says Rascalz are renting the titles and it’s time to pay up. Good Hands walk up when name dropped and say they have a score to settle. Bey challenges them to a fight, but Skyler says not yet.


Subculture finds Santino.  They want their tag title rematch, but Santino already books Rascalz vs. Machine Guns for Victory Road. Sami Callihan and Rich Swann walk up and complain about getting screwed in the tournament. Swan and Callihan pitches a title match, so Santino books Subculture vs. Sami & Swann for next week. They leave and JoYa (Yuya Uemura and Joe Hendry) walks up. Joya also wants a title shot but Santino says they’ll get there one day. Joe and Yuya leave upset.

Digital Media Champion Kenny King w/ Sheldon in-ring promo:

Kenny King brags how he beat Hendry, Yuya, and then both of them at the same time. At Emergence, he took care of “the joke” Johnny Swinger and then kicked Tommy Dreamer. King tries getting a “DMC” chant going, but the fans only boo. Tommy Dreamer walks out with no music. Dreamer says Swinger’s father-in-law passed the day of Emergence, so he wanted to check on his friend after that bout.

Tommy Dreamer recalls his conversation with Swinger that day and says they’ve been friends for 20 years. Then he sees King and Jean living their life surrounded by women, not watching the Emergence main event. Dreamer says that’s a massive ‘no-no.’ King says he didn’t know about Swinger’s situation, otherwise… he would’ve been taking shots at the bar. King says he did ask for advice back in the day, but Dreamer is still in “the spot.” Kenny King says Dreamer doesn’t want to give it up.

Dreamer says 2023 has been the hardest year of his life and maybe he could do one great thing for the business. He has had fans backing him for 33 years. So, he’ll go ask Santino for this: Dreamer’s career vs. King’s title at Impact 1000. It’ll be the same building where he saw his first wrestling match with his dad. Dreamer says hopefully King accepts his challenge and then he leaves the ring.

Eddie Edwards, Brian Myers and Moose vs. IWGP World Heavyweight Champion SANADA, Jake Something and Frankie Kazarian –

RESULTS: IWGP World Heavyweight Champion SANADA, Jake Something and Frankie Kazarian defeats Eddie Edwards, Brian Myers and Moose via pinfall as Jake Something hits Into the Void on Myers.

Next week on Impact is, Deonna Purrazzo vs. Dani Luna, Subculture vs. Swann & Callihan, Lio Rush vs. Kevin Knight, Josh Alexander & PCO vs. Bully Ray & Steve Maclin and much more!