Influencer Says Hulk Hogan Fired Her As A Brand Ambassador For His Beer After One Day

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Essence Jenai, a social media influencer, took to her TikTok account and shared a number of photos in which she says she was hired to promote WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan’s new beer, but was let go after her first day on the job.

Jenai wrote, “STORY TIME: Hulk Hogan paid me to be a brand Ambassador and this happened… My contract was for a week… After one day of promoting his brand… He cancelled my contract because ???”

Jenai then shared a photo of the new brand ambassadors, who are both white before sharing a screenshot of a text conversation in which she was told by a PR rep that Hogan wanted to cancel the events for the week. Jenai then shared photos of the event taking place the next day with Hogan and the new brand ambassadors.

Jenai also shared a second video that shows herself and another Black brand ambassador at the first-day event with Hogan. The video has the text “POV: Hulk Hogan paid you to be a brand ambassador and cancelled your contract the next day because he realized you were a BLACK brand ambassador.”