Jacob Fatu On The Bloodline Saga: “I Get Emotional When We Talk About It”

The Bloodline saga in WWE has a special place in Jacob Fatu’s heart.

During a recent Koffin Radio interview, the former MLW Champion explained why he gets emotional talking about The Bloodline storyline in WWE.

“I mean, man, I’m getting goosebumps right now just talking about it (WWE’s Bloodline storyline). Nah, but as a family member, I mean come on man. I’m entertained uce,” he said. “We gotta remember bro, this hasn’t just been going on for six months or seven month run. We’re talking about three years uce, you know? And I get emotional when we talk about it.”

He continued, “Sorry man, because this is how real it is though, you know what I’m saying? My family, it’s not just been this. It’s been this way forever and dawg, when we talk about this sh*t right here (Fatu threw up the one), you know what I’m saying? Up high, yeah bro, it’s that part so when I see it, I feel it because they feel it and if they don’t feel it, the fans don’t feel it. Come on bro, eight weeks in a row, over two million — the numbers don’t lie. So, sorry if I get emotional, choked up about it. It’s because I feel what they’re doing and I love it and I f*cking love it. But overall, big dog Roman (Reigns), Solo (Sikoa), Usos, I’ve grown up watching these guys and like I said before, I was locked down in that thing and see ‘em on TV and bro, it’s longevity uce, you know? So you asked me about The Bloodline, how I feel, I think it’s amazing and once again, even though I’m the family member, I be thinking I know what’s gonna go on but bro, that’s when they uh! You feel me? Man, they hit me with that curveball but it’s amazing. It’s crazy (he smiled). I wish sometimes I had a camera to get my reaction to all that sh*t. People would just think it’s crazy uce but overall, thank you for asking about it.”

Check out the complete interview below. H/T to POSTWrestling.com for transcribing the above quotes.