Jeff Hardy Had Key AEW Dynamite Role Nixed

(Photo Credit: AEW)

Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite continued the promotion’s buildup to its next pay-per-view event, Revolution, which takes place next Sunday night. In addition, it marked the promotion’s debut in Tulsa.

It was also expected that Jeff Hardy would make an appearance. However, that was scrapped after Hardy encountered a dangerous situation a week ago while working a No DQ Match for last Friday’s AEW Rampage episode. Hardy was injured during the match after taking a knee to the head on a shooting star press.

Hardy suffered a broken nose but no concussion during his match. Hardy told the referee he was fine, and they proceeded to the finish line.

Dave Meltzer, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, mentioned that Hardy was expected to play an important role. Meltzer did not say exactly what was planned for Hardy. This is just one of several changes made to a chaotic Dynamite.