Jey Uso Reacts To His Father Rikishi Not Being A Part Of The WWE Bloodline Storyline

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi has expressed an interest in joining WWE’s Bloodline storyline in recent years. During an interview with The Daily Mail, Jey Uso commented that his father was not involved.

“I always wanted my dad involved, whether it be a referee… I just don’t think my dad could have kept up, just getting up and down, because referees, they’re doing like, push up burpees the whole match too, they’re getting a great workout. Maybe like a go home promo, just some kind of cool promo segment. There might be another time for it.”

Jey also said the following about his match with brother Jey:

“I just try to look at the positive part. We checked that box off, me and Jimmy, for sure. Man, That’s the only thing, I wish, I wish we could have had a straight up wrestling banger. Sometimes matches run heavy, especially those big shows like that, you’ve just got to roll with the punches. There’s no heat, you can’t get hot at the other matches, everyone’s trying to go out there and do their thing, and it was all love at the end. I’m just glad we got that shot with with me and my brother in there, in a WrestleMania environment.”