Jim Cornette Explains Why LA Knight Should Be 2023 Wrestler Of The Year

Jim Cornette is impressed with the year that “The Mega Star” had in WWE in 2023.

During a recent episode of his “Jim Cornette Experience” podcast, the legendary pro wrestling figure said LA Knight is his pick for 2023 wrestler of the year.

“Even if you don’t want to go with the obvious that is Roman Reigns,” Cornette began, “would you then have to go with, because Roman, I will say it’s obvious for the people that might not know because he’s on top of the biggest company in the world and the biggest shows he’s on top of are all better than the ones he’s not on. But then also, you have to be realistic. At this point, would that not be the LA Knight Award?”

Cornette continued, “If Cody was inspirational because he came back from his injury, he’s the most popular babyface in the business. Is not the wrestler of the year the guy who is now the second most popular babyface in the business? And this time last year, or maybe more recently, was a goddamn joke manager of a modeling agency. What kind of turnaround, how has that ever happened before this quickly in the wrestling industry? You go from you hate the gimmick you’re doing, everyone else hates the gimmick that you’re doing and you’re not doing it very well and they are about to fire you to you’re a goddamn superstar and you’re the main event of a $50 million show in Saudi Arabia in 9 months. Here’s the thing, he didn’t improve because he was always that good. He overcame bad booking and made them use him, I say that’s wrestler of the year. Yeah!”

Check out the complete episode of the show at Omny.fm. H/T to ITRWrestling.net for transcribing the above quotes.