Jim Cornette Reacts To Dave Meltzer’s Recent Comments About AEW

On the most recent episode of Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, Cornette and co-host Brian Last spoke about Dave Meltzer’s remarks on his latest Wrestler Observer Radio show. Meltzer talked about AEW not doing as well in lower-income states as in higher-income states.

Meltzer states, “For whatever reason, you know, umm, you know, poor people don’t like AEW.”

He talked about a statistic he looked into, with AEW PPV buys being lower in lower-income states and more significant in higher-income states. According to Meltzer, it is the opposite for WWE PPV buys.

Jim Cornette reacted, “He’s about six months away from being on the sidewalk in a bathrobe! His point is that they sell way more PPVs in New York and California than in Oklahoma. Yeah, there’s nobody there! There’s no people there!”

The full clip from the Jim Cornette Drive-Thru episode can be seen below: