Jim Ross Reveals He Suggested To Tony Khan That He Add AEW PPV Go-Home Shows To His Schedule

Jim Ross was hired back by Tony Khan to lend his vocals to the AEW pay-per-view events.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t hear the legendary voice every so often on the company’s weekly television shows.

WWE Hall of Fame legend and AEW commentator Jim Ross spoke on the latest episode of his “Grilling J.R.” podcast about his limited schedule in the company.

While touching on the topic, Ross was asked by “Grilling J.R.” co-host Conrad Thompson whether or not he has enjoyed the recent monthly pay-per-view schedule in AEW.

“Yeah, I do because it gives you ample time, if you think about it, and you put your creative hats on, from a talent standpoint and an administration standpoint, it’s a good thing,” Ross said. “It gives you time to build. It gives you a month, and in today’s world, a month is an eternity, in today’s quick-process mindset that we are seemingly all in. So I like it. For me, that’s my schedule.”

He continued, “Tony Khan hired me back to do pay-per-views, so once a month is great for me personally, and I hope that somewhere along the way there’s another assignment for two thrown in there at times, either on Dynamite or Collision.”

Later in the show, Ross revealed that he spoke with the AEW President recently and specifically mentioned to him that he might be interested in coming in to do commentary on the pay-per-view “go-home” episodes of AEW Collision on TNT.

“I think pay-per-views is what Tony had slotted me to come in and contribute to,” Ross said. “They’re gonna be once a month, and that’s when I’ll be there. But I would not be surprised if somewhere down the road, I suggested this to him, maybe me doing a Collision on the go-home show, the last Collision before the pay-per-view, I think that might be a thought.”

Ross added, “But you know how us old carny types are, we’re just always trying to get ourselves booked. So there’s that. I enjoy working. When you get to be 72 years old, and you’ve had a 50-year career, you really appreciate working. It’s just part of my DNA. I have miserable weeks the weeks of the pay-per-views because I am so looking forward to them that the time doesn’t pass fast enough.”

Check out the complete episode of the “Grilling J.R.” podcast featuring Jim Ross at Apple.com. H/T to Fightful.com for transcribing the above quotes.