LA Knight Reveals How He Got Job In NXT, Remembers WWE Ignoring His Calls

(Photo Credit: WWE)

LA Knight is ready for the men’s ladder match at WWE Money In The Bank 2023.


So, let him talk to ya for a minute!

The WWE Superstar continues to make the media rounds to promote Saturday’s show at the O2 Arena in London, England, and during a recent Fightful interview, LA Knight spoke about a time when WWE wasn’t taking his calls.

“We’re talking over ten years ago when they weren’t returning my calls,” Knight said. “There’s a whole bunch of stuff there, but eventually I was able to knock that door down, walk myself in, walk myself right back out after a year, went all over the world, did my own thing, came back and stronger than ever. Here we are, burning down the world. All around the world, it’s the same song. How does that song go? [Mimes LA Knight theme intro]. Yeah!”

He continued, talking about how he finally secured a spot in NXT during the pandemic.

“Hell, I don’t even remember,” he said. “It was during the pandemic, so we’re talking three years ago. At some point it was like, ‘What are the odds I can get something together while this pandemic is happening?’ I don’t know, I have to figure that I’m on the back end of my career and I have to make whatever little money I can wherever. At some point, an overture was made, ‘Hey, there’s an opportunity.’ Boom, let’s do it, let’s run.”

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