Lash Legend Comments On Learning From Becky Lynch During Her Recent NXT Run

When you rub shoulders with “The Man,” you can’t help but learn a thing or two.

Lash Legend learned this first-hand after interacting with Becky Lynch during her recent run as WWE NXT Women’s Champion.

The Meta-Four member alongside Jakara Jackson, Oro Mensah and Noam Dar recently spoke about this during an appearance on The Black Rasslin’ Podcast.

“Anytime you have a title, a lot of responsibility comes with that,” Legend said when discussing Lynch’s recent run with the WWE NXT Women’s Championship. “Becky held it down. She represented NXT and WWE so well.”

Legend continued, “It was so good to be able to see her work, have her come down to the locker room. She is a wonderful person. We all learned something. That NXT women’s locker room all learned something when she got that title. I saw how she carried it, and I’m ready to carry it, too.”

Along with Tiffany Stratton, Legend is one of the competitors in the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge scheduled for WWE NXT Deadline 2023. Blair Davenport vs. Thea Hail is scheduled as the next women’s qualifier for the match this Tuesday night on NXT on USA.

Check out the complete Lash Legend interview from the Black Rasslin’ Podcast via the YouTube player embedded below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.