Latest News On Daniel Bryan Reportedly Signing With AEW

As previously reported, there is a report that Daniel Bryan has already signed a contract with AEW.

Dave Meltzer of commented on the report:

“As far as Bryan Danielson goes, I’m pretty sure that whatever decision — I mean there are a lot of factors that are going into whatever decision he would make — it was New Japan, AEW, and WWE. He didn’t consider anybody else. He has loyalty to WWE and Vince McMahon, and he has a lot of friends in WWE. In the end, the company who had the relationship with New Japan would be the favorite to get him.”

Cassidy Haynes of, who broke the story about Bryan signing AEW, noted that the company is looking to him have debut on the September 22nd 2021 edition of Dynamite at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City. Haynes wrote the following:

“The plan was to hold off debuting Danielson until after all of their plans for All Out were wrapped up, and to bring him in after the PPV. However, with the news of CM Punk’s potential AEW debut may have caused plans to change.”

Booker T Comments On Report About Daniel Bryan Signing With AEW