Lexis King Says A Dream Story For Him Would Be To Work With Cody Rhodes

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE NXT star Lexis King recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet on a number of topics including how he does not think of dream matches, but a dream story for him would definitely be to work with “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes.

King said, “I don’t think about dream matches, I think about dream stories. A dream story for me would definitely be to work with Cody Rhodes. Having spent some time at AEW with him, he is someone I’ve always looked up to. He was a great leadership figure there. He definitely gave me a sense of direction and purpose when I was there. I don’t know what it is about me, I just have this thing with other second generation wrestlers that whenever I’m in the ring or working with them, I always rise to the occasion and have some of my best work. Some of my best work ever, I had a match with Kerry Morton, Ricky Morton’s son. Some of my best work is when I’m in there with another second-generation wrestler. I wrestled Brooks Jensen on TV, one of my best matches ever. There is a certain level or respect and understanding when it’s in your blood and you kind of come from this business.”

He also talked about how Rhodes is the best version of himself that he has ever been and has always dreamt about him and Rhodes having a great final match.

“I wasn’t quite raised around it, but I quickly gained a lot of respect for it, seeing the level at which my father reached and the amount of people he connected with. When you have that level or respect and in it’s in your blood, something about me, it’s like my father takes over for the match and he does the match. It’s almost like his spirit is with me and I put on some of my best work ever. I just always dreamt of me and Cody having that final big match and it’s a big story where he talks about some of the similarities and differences of our journeys and how he got to where he is, his relationship with his father versus mine, and differences there, and how we both ended up here in the WWE. He’s the best version of himself that he’s ever been, and I’m the best version of myself that I’ve ever been. We can talk about the journey and how we got here and obviously have a great wrestling match.”

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