Logan Paul Talks About His Hatred For LA Knight, Fans Hating Him Because Of It

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Logan Paul isn’t the most popular performer in WWE these days.

And he knows it.

During a recent episode of his “IMPAULSIVE” podcast, the social media influencer spoke about LA Knight and how the WWE Universe loves him.

“I see LA Knight coming into the WWE,” he said. “They love him. I hate that they love him. They hate me and they hate that I hate him. We have a little bit of a thing. I was in his face and it felt a little real.”

Regarding a potential showdown with Knight, Paul stated, “I don’t think he gets my thing that well, and neither does the WWE Universe. He sort of speaks for them and they appreciate the time and the fact that he’s earned it. I get that, and I would love to take all of that away from him in one night.”

Check out the complete episode of the show via the YouTube player embedded below. H/T to Fightful.com for transcribing the above quotes.