Mark Henry Discusses The Importance Of African American Representation In Wrestling

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry recently appeared on an episode of Busted Open Radio, where he talked about a number of topics including the importance of giving African Americans a platform in wrestling.

Henry said, “For the culture of Black people in pro wrestling … you have to pull the Black issue up, because the school is not going to do it in the history books. I was entrusted the mantle by one of the greats, Ernie Ladd … You go through the collection of African-American wrestlers that are on TV today, they have a link to me. My link in the chain is a very, very strong one.”

On the people he wants to help and influence with his career:

“When I die, they’re not going to talk about my championships. They’re not going to talk about how much weight I lifted. They’re going to talk about all the Black people I influenced.”

You can check out the complete podcast below.