Matt Hardy Talks About Coming Up With The Brethren Name On The Spot

The Brethren consists of Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Mark Briscoe.

During a recent installment of his official podcast, “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy,” AEW star Matt Hardy spoke about coming up with The Brethren name on the spot during the recent backstage interview segment involving the trio.

“The Brethren formed last week, and I hope Mark likes the name,” he said. “I just came up with it on the spot. That’s pretty much a shoot, pretty much reality. Mark and Jay, their favorite tag team, before they got into wrestling, were The Hardys. So without The Hardys, you don’t get The Briscoes.”

Hardy continued, “So I figured it was a kind thing to do. We spoke to Mark. He had a really hard, difficult, challenging time in the Continental Classic, so I thought we could lift his spirits, put him in a six-man tag with us, and go out there. Maybe we can procure some trios gold down the road. We look great together, and I like Mark. I like Mark a lot as a pro wrestler and as a person. So we are very graciously allowing him to be our trios partner.”

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