MLW Fightland Results & Recap – November 18, 2023

MLW’s Fightland live-streamed tonight on FITE + from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia at 8 pm.

Here are the results for the card:

The night starts with the MLW Tag Team Championship.

MLW World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: The Calling (Akira & Rickey Shane Page) (c) Vs. Second Gear Crew (Matthew Justice & 1 Called Manders)

This was a high-intensity match from start to finish. Akira and RSP had trouble getting on the same page during the match.

There was a crazy spot in the match where Justice and Akira were on the ladders and flew over the top rope onto six tables outside the ring.

Ultimately, 1 Called Manders grabbed the title to win tag team championships for the SGC.

Result: Second Gear Crew (Matthew Justice & 1 Called Manders) defeats The Calling (Akira & Rickey Shane Page) to become new tag team champions

After the match, RSP and Akira argued in the ring. They started hitting each other until the gas henchmen from The Calling assisted RSP in the beatdown of Akira. RSP suplexed Akira on chairs set up in the ring and left The Calling’s calling card in his mouth.

The crowd was firmly behind Akira, and it appears the Babyface turn that was being teased with Akira happened.

No DQ Loser Leaves MLW Match: Matt Cardona Vs. Mance Warner

The non-stop action continued as the next match was a no-DQ match. Mance Warner was in control for quite a bit of the match. Mancer took a big bump when Cardona tossed him onto a row of chairs in the ring.

Warner went to hit Cardona in the corner with a chair; however, he hit the ref behind him. While the ref was out, Steph de Lander came out and appeared she was going to help Warner as she took a chair away from Cardona and kissed Warner. She turned on Warner and sent him through the table set up in the ring’s corner. The ref came around and counted the three-count.

Result: Matt Cardona defeats Mance Warner

After the match, Mister Saint Laurent played a song and sang na na na na hey hey goodbye. Warner punched MSL out.

Lucha Libre Rules Match: Máscara Dorada & Ichiban Vs. Rocky Romero & Bárbaro Cavernario (with Salina de la Renta)

This was everything you would expect from a Lucha Libre match. It was a high-flying affair, and both teams had moments in the match.

The closing moments saw Máscara Dorada & Ichiban pick up the victory against Rocky Romero & Bárbaro Cavernario.

Result: Máscara Dorada & Ichiban defeats Rocky Romero & Bárbaro Cavernario

It’s main event time! Jacob Fatu is introduced first. He is followed by Alex Kane, who was surrounded by the biggest Bomaye Fight Club crew to date. They hyped the crowd up, chanting, “Bomaye!”

MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Alex Kane (c) Vs. Jacob Fatu

The match started with some traditional wrestling moves and holds. The crowd is mainly behind Kane with chants of “Bomaye.” Fatu had some fans that came back with chants of “Fatu.”

After Kane controlled the action in the ring, the match made its way to the outside. Fatu and Kane used chairs on each other in front of the ref; however, the ref let them fight, and the match continued.

The majority of the match was fought outside of the ring, using the ring barricade and chairs. Fatu brought a ladder into the ring, and the match returned inside the squared circle.
Fatu sets Kane between the ladder and hits a springboard moonsault on Kane. Kane comes back and hits Fatu with a suplex onto the ladder set up in the ring’s corner.

The action continues with Kane hitting a body splash twice on Fatu on the outer ring apron. Kane rolls Fatu in for a pinfall, but Fatu kicks out at two. Kane brings chairs into the ring and starts hitting Fatu with them.

Kane sets up chairs in each corner of the ring. However, Fatu takes control and throws Kane into three out of four chairs. After Kane had a brief moment of offense, Fatu hits a suicide dive through the second rope on Kane. And then a flip over the top rope on Kane and Mr. Thomas at ringside.

Next, Fatu goes flying over the top rope into a table set outside the ring. Back in the ring, Kane hits a suplex on Fatu. There were multiple near falls by Kane on Fatu, but he couldn’t put him away.
Kane hits a Samoan drop and then a spear, but Fatu will still only stay down for a two-count. Fatu comes back and lays Kane on the table and hits a flying cross body onto the table.

The action is non-stop! Fatu gets speared through a table but still will not stay down. Fatu hits a Samoan drop, and his double somersault from the top rope. He goes for a pinfall; however, Mr. Thomas pulls the ref out before hitting the count of three. The ref, however, let Mr. Thomas stay at ringside.

Fatu set up chairs in the ring and had Kane on them. He goes for a somersault from the top turnbuckle; however, Kane comes up on the second turnbuckle and hits a suplex on Fatu onto the chairs. He puts a rear naked choke on Fatu. Fatu fights it but eventually passes out.

Result: Alex Kane defeats Jacob Fatu to retain his championship

After the match, Matt Cardona comes down with the WTF and their newest member, Joshua Bishop. They attack Kane and the BFC. Next, the lights go out, and Alex Hammerstone comes down with a WTF shirt. He helps his fellow WTF members, who stand tall as we go off the air.