MLW Fusion Results – June 29, 2023

MLW Fusion Results – June 29, 2023

Mandy Leon vs. Clara Carreras

Mandy Leon attacks Clara Carreras at the bell and unloads on Carreras with corner stomps. Carreras tries to fire up with strikes and hits a cannonball senton in the corner. Carreras climbs the ropes, but Leon pulls her down and chops her. Leon slams Clara down off the middle rope then tosses her around by the hair.

Leon sends Carreras out of the ring where someone in a gas mask attacks her behind the refs back before sending her back into the ring. Modified top wrist lock from Leon but Carreras fights up and they start trading strikes then a gut kick from Carreras & Leon sends Carreras out of the ring.

They brawl on the floor briefly then head back in Carreras climbs the ropes again and hits a Frog Splash for a 2 count before Leon hits Astral Projection then goes for the cover but picks her up at 2 so she nails Raven Effect DDT for the win.

Winner: Mandy Leon

We get video from 2nd Gear Crew’s Mance Warner & Matthew Justice, they’re out of beer in the parking lot. Warner is waiting on 1 Called Manders & he shows up and has brought Warner he leather strap set up for his match tonight. Up come the Samoan Swat Team, they’ve got beers for the trio and talk about trusting the 2nd Gear Crew. They’d do anything for 2nd Gear Crew and Warner would like Manders & Matthew Justice to get a World Tag Team Title shot and Samoan Swat Team is amenable. They all head out together to get more beer.

In the back MLW World Champion Alex Hammerstone has arrived.

We get a video about Willie Mack & Microman hanging out eating donuts, Mr. Saint Laurent objects to this and steals the donuts from Mack as he & Microman head out.

A video promo from Jacob Fatu after winning the National Openweight Title. He shouts for a bit before Lance Anoa’i & Juicy Finau show up and they all celebrate wearing gold. Fatu reminds everyone they still have business with The Calling and they’re coming for them all gas no brakes.

Strap Match
Sam Adonis vs. Mance Warner

Sam Adonis attacks Mance Warner as soon as they are bound together then Adonis chokes Warner or a bit and touches a couple of corners before Warner shows back up and chops him in the corner then a few strap shots from Adonis then he chokes Warner again. Warner sends Adonis to the apron, Adonis then climbs the ropes and uses the strap to assist with a blockbuster and that sends us to a break.

After the break Adonis hits a 2nd rope ax handle. Adonis back to the 2nd rope and hits another ax handle Adonis heads up top for the 450 Splash but Warner pulls him down via the strap. Warner with chops and punches then a clothesline to send Adonis under the bottom rope. Warner with a slide to the floor then a swinging neckbreaker to Adonis.

We get some ringside brawling and Warner sends Adonis into the barricade. Another toss into the barricade from Warner then he starts strapping Adonis. Warner goes under the ring but can’t find what he wants there so he clocks Adonis and heads to a different side where he finds a wooden board.

The board and Mance head into the ring where he sets it up in the corner but the delay allows Adonis to crotch Warner with the strap. Warner fights off the shoulders of Adonis and lands some blows. In the fighting Adonis has touched 3 corners and 1 for Warner.

Warner touches a couple of corners and we are 3 each but they’re looking to hit different corners. Warner decides to spear Adonis through the board but that was the last corner Adonis needed to touch and Adonis gets the technical win.

Winner: Sam Adonis

match Mance blasts Adonis in the head with the remnants of the board.

We get a video about who might be bankrolling the Bomaye Fight Club. 1st possible supporter is Dan Lambert followed by Shane Taylor last potential is Wale but after those names were brought up they’ve been able to prove that all of them are not the money behind the Bomaye Fight Club. More on this next week.

Mance Warner is in the back and is pissed that Adonis squeaked out that win and calls for a Country Whipping fight.

Featherweight Champion Delmi Exo gets interviewed on the entrance stage. Exo is proud to represent MLW but here’s Taya Valkyrie to attack her from behind. Valkyrie lands some punches then yells that this is her Featherweight Title and Curb Stomps Exo onto the title. Officials come to drag Valkyrie away as Delmi does a stretcher job. Valkyrie demands a rematch and wishes Exo good luck with her broken neck.

2023 Battle Riot Winner Alex Kane vs. Shigehiro Irie 

Shigehiro Irie with some strikes then a falling slam and a rebound splash off of the ropes. Alex Kane heads out of the ring to recover, Irie follows him but Kane is able to send him into the barricade. Another barricade shot but Irie blocks a third and tosses Kane into the barricade. Kane sends Irie into the ring post and they head to the ring apron where Kane hits a splash as we go to a break.

After the break Kane with some corner attacks then a gutwrench suplex then a few more blows from Kane then he tries a suplex of some variety but Irie blocks and counters with one of his own. Irie sends Kane to the apron and slam him into the ring post then lands elbows and follows with a Hidden Blade style move through the ropes to send them both to the floor.

Back in the ring Irie with a cannonball senton in the corner for a 2 count then Kane blocks a Saito Suplex and they trade elbows for a bit before Irie lands a clothesline and a Saito Suplex. Kane lands a clothesline and both men are down. The straps come down for Kane but Irie blocks the Mark Of Kane and lands a striking combination then a few attacks as Kane is on the ropes then Kane rakes the eyes then hits release suplex then follows with Mark Of Kane to win.

Winner: 2023 Battle Riot Winner Alex Kane

After the match match Kane gets the mic again and claims that was just the warmup. He’s here for something bigger and calls out Alex Hammerstone and claims Hammerstone is stalling his shot and wants him to come out. Hammerstone obliges with a mic of his own, he says if Kane was half as good at wrestling as he is at running his mouth he’d have already been MLW World Champion. The only work Hammerstone wants Kane to get is dental work. Kane claims Hammerstone is unoriginal and wants him to bring on the fight. A few refs are between the wrestlers. Kane keeps talking and says that MLW World Title is coming to him to close out Fusion.