MLW Fusion Results – September 14, 2023

MLW Fusion Results – September 14, 2023

Ichiban vs. TJ Crawford

Ichiban & TJ Crawford go face 2 face then Crawford with a cross chop and some corner attacks. Ichiban avoids a corner attack then climbs the ropes for a flying hammer fist. Arm drags usual and Japanese variants from Ichiban then a 10 punch in the corner. Crawford hits a body blow but then eats a back body drop and a dropkick from Ichiban.

Kick from the apron from Ichiban but Crawford complains to the ref about something to stall things then he hits the ropes to crotch Ichiban and follows up with a double knee to the back.

They fight over a suplex spot eventually Ichiban lands a knee to get out of it but he’s caught off the ropes with a gutbuster then a butterfly sit out slam from Crawford only gets 2. Ichiban hits a jawbreaker then trips Crawford into the corner.

Stunner from Ichiban then a handspring back elbow and a springboard dropkick then Ichiban heads up top for a crossbody but again only a 2 count. Crawford lands a body blow but when trying a suplex Ichiban counters into a small package for 2 then Crawford lands a head kick to floor him.

Ichiban avoids a wheel kick then they trade strikes for a bit then a big around the world satellite DDT from Ichiban before he hits Ichibankai to get the win.

Winner: Ichiban

After the match a masked man in a hoodie approaches TJ Crawford and whispers something to him then walks away with Crawford following.

In the venue the 2nd Gear Crew help Microman prepare for his match promising violence. They debate what kind of weapon to give Microman and settle on what looks like a bottle opener as it’s size appropriate. Mance Warner promises cold beer and beautiful women after they’re done.

Sam Adonis is in the back getting an interview & he’s excited to finally be done with Microman and dismisses Microman as just another person looking up to Adonis. He sees a bit more potential in Microman and thinks he shouldn’t be slumming with the 2nd Gear Crew so he’ll be happy to team him respect tonight and hopefully a little self respect rubs off on Microman.

Becca vs. Tiara James

Match starts off with a headlock from Tiara James as Becca tries to counter but James is out wrestling her thus far. Crossbody from James & Becca lands a kick to cut her off. Corner attack from James then she picks up Becca for a modified gutbuster then a senton for a 2 count.

Becca with a 2nd rope dropkick to cut things off then some corner offense from Becca including a pump kick then a suplex from Becca and a Fargo Strut but James rolls her up for a 2 count then we see a punch from Becca.

James lands a back elbow then a shoulder block and a clothesline then Becca lands a boot to stop a charging James but James catches her with a spinebuster for a 2 count then they head up top & Becca pushes James down & hits a 450 splash for the win.

Winner: Becca

After the match Becca ignores Love Doug.

Don King will do something next week.

Salina De La Renta is around in the back on her phone. She objects to being interrupted by the interviewer then she’s asked about going away for 4 years and she asks where Cesar Duran is right now. She warns that if you go for the queen you better aim for the head. She has plans for next week and intimates that she’s behind Taya Valkyrie & Johnny Fusion leaving MLW then clearly confuses interviewer Sam Leterna with Alicia Atout.

Jacob Fatu gets an interview, he’s excited about wrestling Minoru Suzuki and warns that Suzuki better be ready for him. He wants to keep it real though everyone’s been shutting him out but MLW has had his back and he’s going to represent them. Salina De La Renta interrupts this and warns him that she hasn’t forgotten what he did to her and the receipts are coming for him. Fatu seems unbothered and warns again that the Philly crowd will be in his corner come Slaughterhouse.

To the ring here’s Sam Adonis to talk before his match & Adonis introduces himself and calls himself the best looking man in MLW. He brings up that he’s about to commit mega homicide on Microman. He invites everyone to leave because what’s about to happen is a massacre.

Sam Adonis vs. Microman

Sam Adonis drops to his knees and ties up with Microman then shoves him down and poses. Another lock up, and again Adonis tosses Microman down then Adonis leap frogs over Microman but Microman bits him in the thigh and trips him up then a right hand from Microman but Adonis boots him down as we to go a break.

After the break Adonis is chopping Microman down. Adonis goes to the mask then misses an elbow drop. Microman with a few punches then Adonis shoves him away again. Another chop from Adonis then he heads out of the ring for a chair. Adonis sets Microman in the chair and resumes trying to de mask Microman before punching Microman in the face.

Microman with some leg kicks then a headbutt and he then bulldogs Adonis onto the chair then some punches from Microman then a double stomp but Adonis avoids the mini Vader Bomb. Adonis puts the chair against a corner but Microman with chops then a headscissors for a 2 count as Snitsky pulls the ref out of the ring to get the match thrown out.

Winner: No One (No Contest)

After the match Snitsky & Microman menace Microman as MSL gets a mic and tells Snitsky to get rid of Microman. Snitsky seems to enjoy this idea and Adonis holds Microman on his head for a punt. 2nd Gear Crew arrives to break this up and we get a brawl. Mance Warner abuses Adonis then Adonis takes chops from everyone as Snitsky & MSL wait on the outside. Microman heads up top for a Splash to Adonis as Warner counts a visual 3 count. Everyone celebrates with booze.

MLW World Champion Alex Kane has a press conference, at least they’ve done away with the bad graphic for the mics and whatnot. Kane claims no one is left to fight then MSL shows up and says 2023 Opera Cup Winner Davey Boy Smith Jr should get a MLW World Title shot since he’s not only beaten Kane before he won the Opera Cup. Kane then threatens MSL and gets him to leave.

In the back we’ve got a brawl between 2nd Gear Crew & The Calling but Jimmy Lloyd shows up to get involved to close out this week’s Fusion.