MLW Reload Results – January 20, 2024

MLW Reload opens with a Sessions By Saint Laurent segment, and his guest was MLW World Champion Alex Kane. MSL talks about how he discovered Kane and got him signed to MLW in 2021.

MSL propositions Kane with combining forces and merging the World Titan Federation with Bomaye Fight Club. He takes out a contract and gives it to Kane. Kane throws the pen he was presented at MSL and then rips the contract.

Kane says, “This was built for the people, by the people! And that’s on Bomaye!”

We go into the intro music for the show.

Joe Dombrowski and Matt Striker are on commentary. They go over the card for tonight. Introductions begin for our opening match.

1.) Zayda Steel (w/Saint Laurent) vs. The Notorious Mimi

Steel hits her finisher; I’m prettier to pick up the three-count.

Result: Zayda Steel defeats The Notorious Mimi

After the match, Dombrowski attempts to interview Zayda Steel. Steel takes the mic and cuts a promo on Court Bauer, stating he gives his favorites a title shot. What would be best for business would be her having gold.

MSL took the mic and said he does business with Salina de la Renta, and she doesn’t need gold right now. They’ll talk about it in the back

Next, a video is shown promoting Mistico at MLW Superfight 4. Dombrowski then promotes the match between Mistico and Averno on the Superfight card.

From there, cameras show Salina de la Renta counting money and walking behind MLW Featherweight Champion Janai Kai. Dombrowski said, What is on the agenda for Promociones Dorado? We go to a commercial break.

Minoru Suzuki is advertised for MLW Intimidation Games on February 29th. A replay shows the events leading up to tonight’s main event between Satoshi Kojima and Sami Callihan. We go to the ring for our next match.

Steph de Lander is introduced first. Masked Good Brother III is shown on video, cutting a promo before he is introduced next.

2.) Intergender Match: Masked Good Brother III vs. Steph de Lander

This match was interesting! It had weapons, a short-lived lap dance, & a marriage proposal. Good Brother III pinned SDL with a roll-up after poking her in the eyes.

Result: Masked Good Brother III defeats Steph de Lander

Next, we get to a video promo by Tom Lawlor and Josh Bishop. Dombrowski promotes the match between Matt Riddle & Alex Kane vs. Tom Lawlor & Josh Bishop from the WTF as we go to a commercial break.

After the break, Dombrowski goes over the upcoming MLW Superfight fight card in February. One of the matches advertised is Akira vs. Sami Callihan.

A replay shows the match from the Kings Of the Colosseum event two weeks ago between Akira and Rickey Shane Page. Sami Callihan interfered, costing Akira the match. From there, we go somewhere backstage after the Akira vs. RSP match, where Akira cuts a promo on Callihan.

The next match is set to begin.…

3.) Jimmy Lloyd vs. Ichiban

Salina de la Renta and Jesus Rodriguez came down during the match. Salina joined the commentary team. Rodriguez tried to interfere numerous times, but Ichiban was able to overcome the odds and win the match. Ichiban defeats Jimmy Lloyd with his finisher.

Result: Ichiban defeats Jimmy Lloyd

After the match, an upset Salina de la Renta gives Ichiban the MLW Middleweight Title Match he’s been asking for against Rocky Romero at MLW Superfight 4. We go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, our next match is set to begin.

4.) Nao Kakuta vs. Moka Miyamoto

Kakuta gets a fireman’s carry into a stunner on Miyamoto for the three-count and the win.

Result: Nao Kakuta defeats Moka Miyamoto

After the match, Love, Doug comes out with a microphone and walks to the ring where Miyamoto still is. He tells Miyamoto he has always been a fan of hers! He then asked her out to dinner before she went back to Japan, and Miyamoto said yes.

A camera catches up with Zayda Steel, and she gets asked about her match earlier. She told them to get out of there; she wanted to leave.

She tries looking for her dress and finds it hanging on a door. She opens the door, and it is Brett Ryan Gosselin. He apologizes but says how he loves her stuff. They end up going shopping together as we go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, we are shown a replay of Ichiban’s win earlier against Jimmy Lloyd. Dombrowski states Ichiban vs. Rocky Romero was made official for the MLW Middleweight Championship. The match will occur at MLW Superfight 4 and will be a two out of three falls contest.

We go to the ring for the next match in the MLW Featherweight Division.

5.) Delmi Exo vs. Tiara James

Exo picks up the win with a roll-up on James for the three-count in a quick and sudden ending to the match.

Result: Delmi Exo defeats Tiara James

Delmi grabs a mic and talks to the crowd in Philly. She tells him it’s been a long time coming, but the “God Queen” is back. She wants a rematch with Janai Kai, with whom she lost her MLW Featherweight Championship.

Out comes Kai with Salina de la Renta. Salina grabbed the mic from Delmi and told her she must have CTE if she thinks she’s getting a rematch. Kai then takes the mic and cuts a promo on Delmi.

Zayda Steel and MSL now show up. Steel takes the mic and cuts a promo on Delmi, Kai, and Salina. MSL tries to calm everyone down but is unsuccessful. A brawl ensues with everyone. Officials run down to break it up.

As Delmi leaves, a masked Azteca duo offers her a key and a cell phone. She accepts both of them as she heads to the back.

We get a video from The Calling’s Rickey Shane Page with Sami Callihan. RSP said all Akira had to do was follow his calling, but he didn’t. Then Sami talks and cuts a promo about MLW, Akira, and Kojima, with whom he has a match later in the show.

6.) Matt Riddle & Alex Kane (w/ Mr. Thomas) vs. Tom Lawlor & Josh Bishop (w/ MSL & Zayda Steel)

The match was an excellent tag team match. And even with attempted interference by Richard Holliday, Riddle pinned Bishop to pick up the win.

Result: Matt Riddle & Alex Kane defeated Tom Lawlor & Josh Bishop

7. Satoshi Kojima vs. Sami Callihan

Callihan attacked Kojima before the match even started. The match was a hard-hitting contest that saw Kojima needing a Koji Cutter and two Lariats to put Sami away for the three-count.

Result: Satoshi Kojima defeats Sami Callihan

After the match, Kojima takes a mic and talks to the crowd. He closed with, “I love bread, thank you very much.”

In the back, Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas are talking. Kane said he’s not down with Kojima. He doesn’t like bread; it has too many carbs, and he hears the narrative about the first champion returning.

We close the show with a reel for MLW Superfight 4 in February.