MLW Slaughterhouse Results – October 14, 2023

MLW’s Slaughterhouse streamed live tonight on FITE + from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia at 8pm.

Here are the results for this big card:

Chamber Of Horrors Match: Second Gear Crew Vs. The Calling

Cannonball and Talon of The Calling come down first. Mance Warner and Matthew Justice of the Second Gear Crew came down next. The action begins outside the ring as the SGC gets the better of the exchange, slamming Talon on the tabes. The SGC gets The Calling into the ring, where the match begins.

SGC tries to get Cannonball down with chairs and wooden board shots; however, he will not go down. Talon gets tossed into a board propped up in the corner.

Later in the match, Cannonball does paper cuts to Warner’s fingers and then staples his forehead.

Justice comes back with chair shots. He then completes a cannonball from the top of cage onto Cannonball in the corner. Warner gets Talon into the electric chair set up in the ring while Justice pulls the lever and electrocutes Talon to win the match.

Result: Second Gear Crew defeats The Calling

Sam Laterna is on the stage with 1 Called Manders who spins the wheel to determine the stipulation of his match later with Ricky Shane Page. It is a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Title Vs Title Match: MLW Middleweight Champion Akira Vs. CMLL Welterweight Champion Rocky Romero

Akira is introduced first. Rocky Romero came down next with Selina de la Rena. Romero controlled most of the action in this match. Salena gets involved in the match. The gas-masked henchmen try to stop Selina from getting involved in the match, and she takes a kendo stick to both of them.

In the ring, the crowd is firmly behind Akira. Romero gets near fall after near fall; however, he cannot put Akira away. In the closing moments, Akira is pushed into the corner where the ref was. He avoided hitting him; however, when he turned around, Romero hit Akira with a low blow that the ref did not see. He then hits Akira with a sunset driver to pick up the three-count and the win.

Result: Rocky Romero defeats Akira to retain CMLL Welterweight Championship & become the new MLW Champion

MLW National Openweight Title Match: Rickey Shane Page (c) Vs 1 Called Manders

The match begins quickly when 1 Called Manders is introduced, but RSP attacks him from behind to start the match.

Both competitors used chairs and weapons outside the ring to try to pick up the victory. The gas-masked henchmen from The Calling come down, and Manders fights them off.

Manders grabs a cowbell and wraps the rope around RSP’s neck as they go to the back area. Dombrowski and Striker said the match is still going, and they will try to get a camera back there.

Next match has been announced and it is for the MLW Women’s Featherweight Championship. The Champion Delmi Exo is introduced first. The Phantom Challenger is introduced. It’s Janai Kai, who comes down with Salina de la Renta. As introductions are being done, a camera in the back shows Manders and RSP still battling it out. The camera feed then gets interrupted.

MLW Featherweight Title Match: Delmi Exo Vs. Janai Kai

The match begins with both competitors feeling each other out. Salina distracts Exo, which gives Kai the upper hand. Kai controls the first half of the match.

Exo makes a comeback and hits a big dropkick from the ring apron onto Kai on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Kai retakes control of the match. Kai gets Exo in a modified sleeper, causing Exo to tap.

Result: Janai Kai defeats Delmi Exo to become the new champion

The camera goes to the back, showing Manders and RSP still fighting. Manders appears to be in control as we return to the Announce Table. The next match is set to begin.

Dream Match: Minoru Suzuki Vs. Jacob Fatu

Suzuki is introduced first, followed by Fatu. The crowd chants, “Holy Sh*t” and “This is awesome” before the two lock up. Suzuki took control of the match early.

They battle outside the ring for a bit before returning to the ring. This was a hard-hitting match that had moments from both competitors. In the end, Minoru Suzuki got the pinfall and picked up the win. After the match, both wrestlers acknowledged each other in a show of respect!

Result: Minoru Suzuki defeats Jacob Fatu

Camera follows RSP and Manders, who are now in a moving truck battling it out. They make their way back to the arena and into the ring.

MLW National Openweight Title Match: Rickey Shane Page (c) Vs 1 Called Manders Continues

After battling in and outside the ring, Akira comes down to help RSP. Akira gets clotheslined by Manders. With the distraction, RSP kicks Manders and hits the Raven Effect DDT onto the floor to get the three count and pick up victory. 

Result: Rickey Shane Page defeats 1 Called Manders to retain his title.

After the match, RSP shoves Akira, showing possible conflict between The Calling for the first time. It appears there may be a face turn coming for Akira based on the crowd’s reaction during his match with Romero and this altercation.

MLW World Title Match: Alex Kane (c) Vs. Tom Lawlor

Tom Lawlor came to the ring first. Next Alex Kane comes down with Mr. Thomas and the BFC.

This match was a tremendous wrestling match. Both wrestlers showcased their strength, and some great mat wrestling with back-and-forth submission holds.

The crowd continuously routed on Alex Kane chanting, “Bomaye” during the match. There were multiple near-falls. In the end, it was Alex Kane scoring the pinfall and victory.

Result: Alex Kane defeats Tom Lawlor to retain his title

Kane gets on the mic after the match, telling the crowd that Bomaye is for the people. Kane is interrupted by Matt Cardona and MSL. Cardona said if anyone should be MLW Champion, it should be him. He tells Kane he should want someone like him to be the face of MLW!

Kane said enough talking and bring your a*s to the ring. Lawlor hits Mr. Thomas in the back with a chair in the ring. Lawlor and Mr. Thomas spill out to the outside of the ring, fighting. Kane comes outside the ring and starts fighting with Cardona outside as MLW goes off the air.