MLW Never Say Never Results – July 8, 2023

The wait is over as MLW’s Never Say Never is officially here, streaming live tonight on FITE + from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia at 8pm.

This is the first live PPV event by MLW since 2019.

MLW Never Say Never starts off with a package showing what brought Alex Hammerstone and Alex Kane to the World Title Match tonight.

Announce Team is Joe Dombrowski & Matt Striker. The crowd is electric and already chanting “Bomaye”.

MLW National Openweight Championship
Jacob Fatu (c) vs. Calvin Tankman

The match starts off quickly with Fatu going for Samoan Drop and then superkick, however, Tankman avoided both of these. After some strikes back and forth with each other, Tankman hits Fatu on the ropes with a cross body that takes both men over the top rope to the ground.

Fatu is favoring his knee. Tankman has taken control of the match outside the ring. The official is on the outside of the ring with competitors, letting the match go. Tankman goes for a cannonball to Fatu on the chair from the ring apron, however, he misses when Fatu moves out of the way.

Back in the ring, Tankman hits Fatu with Tankman Driver for a two-count. Tankman lifts Fatu up, however, Fatu gets out of it and kicks Tankman in the back of the head. Fatu does his springboard moonsault for a two count. Fatu is still favoring his leg.

Tankman makes a comeback, and now both competitors are on the top rope. Fatu hits a hurricarana and then Samoan Swanton for a near fall.

Both men are back standing. Tankman hits Fatu with a spinning back elbow. Fatu comes back to hit a twisting body block from the second rope to get the pinfall.

Jacob Fatu defeats Calvin Tankman via pinfall to retain his Openweight Championship

After the match, Fatu talks to the crowd and says even though he lives on the west coast, he feels like he’s home there in Philly. Then he calls Tankman back to the ring to acknowledge how tough he is as they give each other a hug

The camera is in the back showing all weapons being prepared for the Tag Team Championship Match later on.

We are shown a video package for the next scheduled match between Delmi Exo and Ava Everett.

Sam Laterna interviews Everett who talks down about Exo and the crowd in Philly. Everett said she is going to take both titles back to Germany, where the fans are worthy!

Next, we are shown Alex Kane arriving earlier to a warm welcome in the back. He then says “Bomaye is for the people!”

Title vs. Title
MLW Featherweight Champion Delmi Exo vs. wXw Women’s Champion Ava Everett

Ava Everett controls the early going in this match, working on Delmi’s neck and back. Everett is working the crowd foiling every time Delmi tries to mount any offense.

Delmi makes a comeback with a spinebuster and then hits a suicide dive through ropes onto Everett on the outside. Delmi throws Everett back into the ring and then hits a dropkick from the top rope for a two-count.

Everett makes one final attempt by hitting a Y 2 Cutter for a near fall. She goes for her superkick, but it’s broken up by Delmi who hits a leg drop suplex. She then hits a Delmi Driver for the three-count.

Delmi Exo defeats Ava Everett via pinfall to retain her MLW title and become the new wXw Women’s Champion

Joe Dombrowski goes over upcoming MLW events for the rest of this year on Fite +

Timothy Thatcher vs. Tracy Williams 

This is a typical Thatcher match. It starts off with both men jocking for positions with tie-ups, then moves to wrestling holds that Thatcher got the better of.

Both men are having moments in this match with hard-hitting shots. Thatcher appears to be favoring his neck.

Williams does a flying DDT from the top turnbuckle. The ref counts two, however, Thatcher didn’t appear to get a shoulder up. The ref looks down at Thatcher, holds up the X sign, and calls the match. The doctor is called into the ring, however, Thatcher is able to leave on his own to the crowd standing and applauding.

Tracy Williams defeated Timothy Thatcher when the official called the match due to injury

Next, the first competitor in the first round of the 2023 draft is announced. Kevin Blackwood is announced, and the crowd chants “Kevin Blackwood”.

Country Whipping Match
Sam Adonis vs. Mance Warner

Sam Adonis comes down first and grabs a mic to introduce himself while the crowd chants “Shut the fu*k up!” He goes on for a bit more with the crowd continuing to boo before Mance Warner comes down.

The match begins with both men given a strap to use on the other. Mancer came out hot causing Adonis to go outside the ring. Now outside, both competitors are whipping each other with the straps. Welts are forming on Adonis back.

Weapons are brought into the ring. Adonis uses a screwdriver on Mancer’s head, busting him open. During the match, we are given an update on Timothy Thatcher. Joe Dombrowski states he suffered a concussion but is alert.

Adonis sets up wooden boards on two corners of the ring. Adonis hits a Death Valley Driver to Mancer onto one of the tables but gets a two count. Adonis calls for the Azteca Henchmen. Warner tries battling back however he is outnumbered.

Down comes the rest of the SGC with Microman to aide Mancer. Justice and Manders chase the henchmen out of the ring to the back. Microman hits Adonis with Kendo stick on the back causing Adonis to kick him.

With the distraction, Warner hits Adonis with a low blow and then chokeslams him onto the wood board that was set up between two chairs. He then hits a knee to the face to get the three count on Adonis. SGC and Microman celebrate in the ring drinking their light beers.

Mance Warner defeat Sam Adonis via pinfall

Sam Laterna interviews Mister Saint Laurent on top of the ring ramp. He puts down Microman as the crowd boos him. He says he has news in regard to the 2023 draft. He drafted the hottest free agent for his new World Titan Federation group. Matt Cardona is named as the newest draft pick and will make his debut on September 3rd.

MLW World Tag Team Championship
The Samoan SWAT Team (Lance Anoai & Juicy Finau) (c) vs. The Calling (Akira & Rickey Shane Page)

The Calling comes out of the ring taking the fight to SST before the match even starts. Delirious from The Calling comes down, as does Jacob Fatu to help out his SST brothers. Fatu gets taken out in handcuffs, and Delirious is taken to the back as well.

The Samoan Swat team brings garbage cans into the ring and takes the fight to The Calling in the early going. The Calling make a comeback using every weapon they can.

This match went back and forth in and outside the ring. Some weapons used ranged from a gaming system wrapped in barbed wire to a plunger to a cactus wrapped in barbed wire.

Once action made its way back in the ring with Lance & Akira, Lance hits Akira with Samoan Drop on cactus. Delirious comes back down with pipe to help The Calling. Fatu also made his way back down, and he was able to break free from his handcuffs. Fatu hits a flip over the top ropes onto the henchmen, taking them out.

The ending came when Akira hit jumping knees from the top rope onto Juicy who was on the ring apron, sending him into the table below and neutralizing him. RSP then hit Lance with a Raven Effect DDT from the top rope onto the table to pick up the three count and victory.

The Calling defeat The Samoan Swat Team via pinfall to become the new MLW Tag Team Champions

Don King makes the shocking announcement that he is the Bomaye Fight Club financial backer.

B3CCA is on top of the ring ramp performing her concert. Once she was done, a supposedly crazed fan with wings came up to ramp to dance, but was taken out by security.

The main event is now next. Alex Kane comes down with BFC and Lacy The Great, who begins to rap. The crowd is going crazy, clearly behind Kane chanting “Bomaye!” Mr. Thomas and O’Shay Edwards remain at ringside with Kane. The champion Alex Hammerstone comes down next and looks shocked to be booed.

MLW World Championship
Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Alex Kane

Both men start out the match by locking up and trying to take the advantage. Hammerstone uses his strength, while Kane tries using his grappling skills to get this to the ground.

The match wound up on the outside with the referee letting the match go. They are exchanging hard shots with each other going back and forth.

Now back in the ring Alex Kane starts his suplex party on Hammerstone as the crowd starts counting each one. Hammerstone makes a come back and does his trademark shaking the ropes to where the crowd chants “same old sh*t”.

Throughout the match when Hammerstone was in control he worked the crowd and was the clear heel. This was a great main event match, with both men having moments to showcase their abilities as to why they are two of the best in MLW!

In the end it was Kane who got behind Hammerstone and brought him to the ground with a rear naked choke. Hammerstone starts fading and taps out as Kane becomes the new champion in stunning fashion.

Alex Kane defeats Alex Hammerstone via submission to become new MLW World Champion

Everyone comes down from the Bomaye Fight Club to celebrate with Alex Kane. Kane grabs a mic and talks to the crowd. He closes by saying “This  championship and Bomaye is for the people!”