Names Of Two WWE Stars Have Been Changed

WWE occasionally makes minor changes to its stars, such as introducing a new gimmick, catchphrase, name, or nickname. It can also happen when talent is promoted from NXT to the main roster, as seen with two stars.

Los Lotharios (Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo) had not accomplished much in 2023 before heading to NXT. Angel and Humberto began working together on RAW in September 2021.

They were selected in the 2021 Draft for the SmackDown brand before the team was renamed Los Lotharios. Before returning to NXT, they had only worked three main roster matches in 2023.

The tag team had been performing vignettes with their grandfather as if he were a big superstar. Things changed when they teamed up with Santos Escobar on the main roster for SmackDown last month, joining him in the LWO. shows that the two stars are now known as Angel and Humberto. They had previously had their last names removed before WWE reinstated them.