Nia Jax Offers Strong Praise For Rhea Ripley

What does Nia Jax think of Rhea Ripley?

As the former dominant presence in the women’s division in WWE, Nia Jax spoke about her thoughts on the current dominant figure in the division, Rhea Ripley, during a SportsKeeda interview.

“Rhea’s doing a great job,” she said. “She’s kind of this rise. She might need to be knocked down a couple pegs. I think she’s incredible. She’s so talented. I mean, I saw her when she first came up on the main roster. I even saw her in NXT. She’s got such a long list of talents she can do. I really enjoy watching her, especially standing up to the guys.”

Nia Jax continued, “I’ve had a match with Rhea once before, and she busted my eye open, so maybe I have to get a little payback. I don’t know, I think we’d have a good dogfight in there.”

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