Nic Nemeth Reveals He Asked To Be Released From WWE Several Times

Nic Nemeth is ready for life outside of WWE.

During a recent interview with the NJPW website, the former WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler spoke about asking to be released from the company several times before actually parting ways with WWE, and how he’s ready for life outside of the company after getting a ‘lay of the land’ rundown from Matt Cardona.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview where he touches on these topics with his thoughts.

On asking for his release multiple times despite WWE never being willing to let him go: “I started realizing, OK I’m a mainstay here, I’m needed. But I got to a point where I was ready to go. I’d asked the company a few different times whether I was ready to go, and they told me I was signed, and they weren’t letting me go. So I started asking them, ‘Hey, can I start doing this, can I start something else’. So I was prepared to be done and to start exploring other avenues.”

On Matt Cardona giving him a ‘lay of the land’ outside of WWE: “I don’t know the independent scene. I didn’t wrestle on the independents, I don’t have a dad or a mom in the business, didn’t have a legacy in the business, didn’t have a friend in it. Nobody was there to vouch for me. I was a collegiate amateur wrestler before WWE, and I was a fan. So I didn’t know the world outside (WWE) and if there was no Internet, things would be very different, but thankfully we’re all connected now. My friend Matt Cardona has been all over the world these last two years and he was telling me ‘Oh, I went here and did this, and here’s what’s happening there,’ giving me a lay of the land on different countries and different promotions.”

On how he’s ready to deliver on this opportunity that he’s asked to have for years: “I spent the last six, eight months, a year, saying ‘I’m going to be in the best shape of my life when all this goes down,’ and when it finally got to the point where I asked (WWE) enough and they gave me my release, then it became ‘OK, well you asked for this for the last five years, you’d better deliver.’ So, OK, I’ve got this, I’m doing this, I have insurance ready, I’ve been training in the ring, watching different things, and I’m ready to go. So let’s go.”

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