NJPW Resurgence Results – May 11, 2024

NJPW Resurgence Results – May 11, 2024

Location: Ontario California
Venue: Toyota Arena

Strong Survivor Match
Matt Vandagriff vs. Adrian Quest (Pre Show)

Match ends when Matt Vandagriff hits Adrian Quest with a Running Knee for the win.

Winner: Matt Vandagriff (4:27)
Rate: 4

Mustafa Ali vs. Lio Rush (Pre Show)

Lio Rush dove onto Mustafa Ali as he walked to the ring then Rush hit more dives to the floor on Ali.

In the ring Ali hits a backbreaker over his knee then a Jackhammer for a near fall.

Ali nails a top rope 450 Splash for a near fall before Rush hits a mid ring Spanish Fly but Ali applied a Sharpshooter.

Rush hits Rush Hour then Final Hour for a near fall before Rush hits a poisonrana for a near fall.

Ali got a backslide & puts his feet on the ropes for leverage and scored the win.

Winner: Mustafa Ali (6:27)
Rate: 6

After the match Rush argued with the ref. Ali attacked him then the lights went out. When they came back on Rush had the black goo dripping from his mouth and he began maniacally laughing.

6 Man Tag Team Match
House Of Torture (Jack Perry, Ren Narita & Evil) vs. Chaos (Tomohiro Ishii & Rocky Romero) & The DKC

Jack Perry & Rocky Romero starts this match but House Of Torture immediately shoved Romero into their corner and worked him over.

Romero ran the ropes but drops down to his knees and slaps Perry.

Perry began working over The DKC then Ren Narita enters and choked DKC with his push up board.

Tomohiro Ishii got the hot tag and he knocks Evil down with a shoulder tackle and he hits a German suplex on Narita. Narita went for Cobra Twist but Ishii escapes.

Evil from the ring apron & kicks Ishii in the back allowing House Of Torture to take over.

Romero enters and hits Forever Clotheslines on Evil before they removed a corner pad and slams Romero into the exposed turnbuckles.

DKC hits a splash to the floor on Perry & Narita while Romero got a near fall in the ring on Evil. Romero hits Rewind Kick. Evil hits a clothesline then Darkness Falls for a near fall.

Perry chokes Ishii on the floor with a TV cable. In the ring Evil hits Everything Is Evil for the win,

Winners: House Of Torture (11:29)
Rate: 4

Tag Team Match
West Coast Wrecking Crew (Jorel Nelson & Royce Issacs) vs. Fred Rosser & Tom Lawlor

Both teams started brawling on the ramp then Tom Lawlor choking Royce Isaacs with a towel in the ring. Fred Rosser & Lawlor hits some team moves on Isaacs.

Jorel Nelson hits a Pounce and Isaacs hit a German suplex for a near fall before Isaacs hits a guillotine leg drop for a near fall.

Nelson hits a back suplex then Rosser hits a 2nd rope superplex but he clutched at his left hamstring. Lawlor tags in and hit a series of kicks then hits a German suplex on Issacs.

Lawlor hits Nasty Knee To The Brain to Royce’s collarbone for a near fall.

Isaacs hits an exploder suplex on Rosser before West Coast Wrecking Crew hits a double team Dominator on Rosser. Rosser hits a double clothesline but sold the leg injury.

Lawlor & Rosser hit stereo roaring forearms on Nelson.

Lawlor applied a rear naked choke on Nelson as Rosser applied a Crossface Chicken Wing on Isaacs but Isaacs was still able to barrel onto Lawlor to break up the hold.

All 4 got up and fought before Isaacs hits a powerslam on Rosser then Nelson hits a top rope elbow drop on Lawlor for the win.

Winners: West Coast Wrecking Crew (11:54)
Rate: 6

Strong Openweight Tag Team Titles Match
TMDK (Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste) (c) vs Guerrillas Of Density (El Phantasmo & Hikuleo)

Mikey Nicholls & El Phantasmo starts this match before Hikuleo enters and brawled with Nicholls. Shane Haste enters but TMDK hits quick double team moves to ground him.

Nicholls hits a DDT on El Phantasmo on the floor then In the ring Haste kept ELP on the mat. Haste hits an dropkick.

Hikuleo enters and hits a double clothesline then traded forearm strikes with Nicholls.

ELP enters and hits a Lionsault on Nicholls for a near fall.

TMDK hits a double team neckbreaker on Hikuleo before TMDK hits a double team powerbomb on Phantasmo for a near fall.

They hit a team jumping DDT on Phantasmo for a near fall but Hikuleo made the save.

Hikuleo went for a double Godsend but they blocked it. He hit a powerslam on Nicholls.

ELP hits Sudden Death on Nicholls and he dove through the ropes on him.

Meanwhile Hikuleo hits Haste with Godsend and ELP hits Super Thunder Kiss 86 for the win.

Winners & New Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions: Guerrillas Of Density (10:17) (NEW CHAMPIONS!!!)
Rate: 6

Strong Women’s Title Match
Stephanie Vaquer (c) vs. Alex Windsor

Stephanie Vaquer stomped on the elbow before Alex Windsor yanks Vaquer off the top rope with Vaquer crashing to the mat.

Vaquer put a leglock around the neck and repeatedly slams Windsor’s head into the mat.

Windsor hits a spear and they were both down then Windsor applied a Sharpshooter but Vaquer reached the ropes.

Vaquer went for a Package Piledriver but Windsor escaped and hits a headbutt.

Windsor went for a Sharpshooter again but Vaquer blocked it.

Vaquer hits a dragon screw then a Meteora into a corner then a backbreaker over her knee for the win.

Winner & Still Strong Women’s Champion: Stephanie Vaquer (10:53) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 7

Tag Team Match
Bullet Club (IWGP Tag Team Champion Kenta & Global Champion David Finlay) vs. Los Ingobernables De Japon (Tetsuya Naito & Yota Tsuji)

Kenta & Tetsuya Naito starts this match but Naito tagged out before locking up so Kenta did too.

Naito teased a dive but did the Tranquillo pose instead so Kenta and Naito brawled on the floor. Bullet Club kept Natio in their corner and this has been methodical early on.

Yota Tsuji finally got a hot tag and he works over David Finlay. Finlay hits a uranage style backbreaker over his knee for a near fall.

Tsuji hits a chop that drops Finlay to the mat in pain.

Tsuji hits a release suplex on Finlay then tossing him into the turnbuckles.

Naito tags back in but Finlay hit a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Kenta tags in and immediately tried to pin Naito, and he argued with the referee.

Naito rolls him up for a near fall before Kenta hit a DDT.

Kenta hits a Falcon Arrow for a near fall before Tsuji enters and hits a Curb Stomp on Finlay’s head.

Naito hits a tornado DDT on Kenta then a flipping face plant from the corner for a near fall.

Naito then hits Destino on Kenta for the pin.

Winners: Los Ingobernables De Japon (14:45)
Rate: 5

NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Zack Sabre Jr

Match starts off with standing switches before Hiroshi Tanahashi hits a 2nd rope crossbody.

Zack Sabre Jr began working the left ankle & ZSJ locks in Trailer Hitch but Tanahashi reached the ropes.

Tanahashi hits a bodyslam and a 2nd rope summersault slam for a near fall.

ZSJ tied him in an Octopus stretch but Tanahashi got a dragon screw while escaping.

ZSJ ties up Tanahashi’s legs on the mat, and he turned it into an STF  but Tanahashi quickly reached the ropes.

Tanahashi hits Twist & Shout then a Sling Blade for a near fall.

He hits a High Fly Flow on a standing ZSJ but ZSJ rolls through and hits a running Penalty Kick. They traded roll ups with Tanahashi getting a near fall. ZSJ got a close one too.

ZSJ hits his own Sling Blade for a near fall.

ZSJ avoided a Dragon screw & snaps Tanahashi’s neck between his ankles and hits Zack Driver for the win.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr (12:12)
Rate: 7

Television Title Match
Jeff Cobb (c) vs. Lance Archer

Jeff Cobb hits a mid ring Spanish Fly at the bell then sets up for Tour Of The Islands but Lance Archer escaped before Cobb hits a German suplex.

Archer hits a rolling cannonball from the apron to the floor.

Archer grabs a worker at ringside and bodyslams him onto Cobb.

Archer chokeslams him onto the ring apron then Cobb got back into the ring at the 17 count. They traded forearm strikes and Archer beat Cobb down to the mat.

Archer hits a running crossbody and laughed before Cobb hit a suplex and they were both down.

They traded forearm strikes while on their knees while they were loudly swearing at each other. They got to their feet and traded chops then simultaneous clotheslines.

Cobb hits a superkick then he hits a uranage and a standing moonsault for a near fall.

Archer hits own uranage for a near fall then sets up for Blackout but Cobb escaped.

Archer hits a running knee and this time he hit Blackout but however Cobb hooks the arms and got a near fall.

Archer charged into the corner but Cobb caught him and hits Spin Cycle for a near fall.

Archer did an Old School & as he leapt off the ropes Cobb caught him & hits Tour Of The Islands for the win.

Winner & Still Television Champion: Jeff Cobb (11:35) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 7

After the match Tomohiro Ishii walks to the ring & pointed at the Television Title and made it clear he wants a title shot. Cobb nodded and accepted; Ishii turned and left.

We get a video package for Henare & says he’s coming for anyone who holds the NEVER Openweight Title.

NEVER Openweight Title Match
Shingo Takagi (c) vs. KOPW 2024 Champion Yuya Umeura 

Match starts off with a lock up and a feeling out process and Yuya Uemura grounded him with a headlock. They went to the floor where Shingo Takagi hits a DDT onto the mat.

Uemura rolls back in at the 18 count and Takagi immediately hit a suplex for a near fall.

Takagi now grounded Uemura and focused on Uemura’s neck.

Takagi hits a back suplex then sets up for a half crab but Uemura reached the ropes so Takagi snaps Uemura’s throat across the bottom rope.

Uemura hits a suplex then hits some deep arm drags then a dropkick but he sold pain in his neck. He hits a back suplex for a near fall then a top rope crossbody for a near fall.

Takagi hits a DDT to regain control of the offense then hits a sudden Pedigree and a knee drop on the back of the head.

Takagi hits a top rope elbow drop and a standing powerbomb for a near fall and he switched to an STF leglock but Uemura reached the ropes.

Uemura connects with a top rope superplex for a near fall.

Uemura hits a Pele Kick to Takagi’s forehead and they were both down.

They got on their knees and traded headbutts then they got to their feet and traded chops.

Uemura hits a uranage for a near fall then sets up for Deadbolt Suplex but Takagi blocks it.

Takagi hits a Death Valley Driver and they were both down then hits Made In Japan for a near fall.

Takagi snaps the neck between his ankles and he hits more forearm strikes then a headbutt and a sliding clothesline but Uemura pops up on the one count.

Shingo immediately hits Pumping Bomber before Uemura hits Deadbolt Suplex for a near fall. Uemura hits a frog splash for a near fall.

They traded more forearms then Takagi hits a headbutt so Uemura hits one back.

Uemura got an O’Connor Roll for a near fall before Takagi hits another Pumping Bomber clothesline for the win.

Winner & Still NEVER Openweight Champion: Shingo Takagi (21:00) (CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 6

Strong Openweight Title No Ropes Last Man Standing Match
Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Gabe Kidd

Eddie Kingston & Gabe Kidd immediately traded chops before Kingston mounted him and punched him repeatedly.

Kidd rolls to the floor and got a chair from underneath and he threw it at Kingston.

Kidd wraps a chain around his left arm and hit a clothesline with it then Kidd hits a DDT and was in charge.

Kingston wraps the chain around Kidd’s throat as Kidd was on the floor and Kingston pulls on the chain essentially hanging him.

They continued to brawl on the floor using trash cans, stop signs, etc.

They got back in the ring with Kingston hitting Kidd repeatedly in the head with the garbage can. Kidd hits a Saito Suplex onto a garbage can.

Kidd began throwing more weapons in the ring including a ladder.

He got a chair wrapped in barbed wire too.

He hits Drill A Hole Piledriver onto the barbed wire chair.

Kidd began peppering him with slaps to the side of his head.

Kingston slams Kidd onto the barbed wire chair then stomped on him pushing Kidd’s chest into the barbed wire.

Kingston hits an exploder suplex onto the horizontal ladder but Kidd got to his feet.

Kingston set up a board bridge between the ring apron and the guardrail.

Kingston knocks Kidd down and the ref was about to get to the 10 count but Kingston stops the ref’s count.

Kingston handcuffed himself to Kidd by their left wrists and they traded punches with their right.

Kidd suplexed them both from the ring and onto the table set up on the floor.

Kidd got to his feet at the 9 count to win.

Winner & New Strong Openweight Champion: Gabe Kidd (20:19) (NEW CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 6

After the match Kingston was helped to his feet and got in the ring. Jack Perry walks down the ramp. Out of nowhere Young Bucks jumped into the ring and beat down Kingston. Matt Jackson got on the mic and said Kingston was an idiot for picking a fight with them on Wednesday, then coming to their hometown just a few days later. Matt said this was a great place to live back when we were poor. He said the best thing they ever did was become millionaire executives and pack their bags and leave. Nick Jackson got on the mic and said he loves the partnership with NJPW as it gives him the opportunity to beat up Kingston in 2 promotions. Young Bucks then hit the EVP Trigger on Kingston.

IWGP World Heavyweight Title Match
Jon Moxley (c) vs. Shota Umino

Shota Umino hits a forearm that drops Jon Moxley to his knees before Moxley got back up and they traded more forearm strikes. Umino hits a pop up European uppercut.

Moxley hits a German suplex then Umino hits a half nelson suplex before Moxley hit a clothesline then Umino hits a shotgun dropkick.

Moxley nails Death Rider for a near fall then Umino hit a leaping DDT and they were both down. Umino hits a fisherman’s brainbuster for a near fall.

Umino hits Blaze Blade then a swinging Death Rider for a near fall.

He hits Blaze Blade to the back of the neck and he set up for Death Rider but Moxley escaped and hits Curb Stomp then his own Death Rider for the win.

Winner & IWGP World Heavyweight Champion: Jon Moxley (34:18) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 7

After the match Evil & Ren Narita jumped into the ring and attacked both Moxley & Umino then Evil grabs the mic and said Hey Jon Moxley, f*ck you! Next challenger is me. No, no, no, I am the real IWGP World Heavyweight Champion. So, next challenger is you, b*tch! He pulled out a can of spray paint and covered the title in black paint! You know why? I am the real New Japan president. Everything is Evil.