Otis Talks About Bianca Belair Lifting Him With Ease: “She’s A Stud”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Bianca Belair is “The EST of WWE.”

And she’s super tough, too.

Otis knows this first-hand.

The Alpha Academy member recently spoke with Sportskeeda to promote the WWE Survivor Series 2023 premium live event at AllState Arena in Rosemont, Illinois on Saturday night.

During the discussion, the entertaining WWE fan-favorite performer reflected on Belair once lifting him up over her head with ease on WWE TV.

“She’s a stud,” Otis said. “I was very worried for her own being because again I am a big load, about 370 pounds.”

Otis continued, “She just picked me up with ease, carried me all the way like a backpack, and threw me over the ledge like a piece of trash. Nah, I’m kidding. But it was definitely a great time, and Bianca, the sky’s the limit with her athletic ability. She’s just a pure stud.”

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