Paul Wight On Transitioning To AEW: “It’s Probably The Single Greatest Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me”

Paul Wight, aka The Big Show, is enjoying his time with the AEW family.

Wight shocked many people when he left WWE after 20 years to join AEW in February 2021, where he’s wrestled and worked as an announcer.

Chris Jericho and Wight reunited on the Chris Jericho Cruise a few weeks ago, wearing their retro gear from their time as a WWE tag team.

Jack Curry of The Yes Network asked Wight about the transition from WWE to AEW while attending Sunday’s game to support the New York Yankees.

Wight said, “It’s been fantastic. I was blessed to work for a big company for a lot of years all over the world. Now, at my stage of the game, to find myself useful in a company that allows me to spread a lot of my knowledge to the younger talent, get a chance to get on the microphone every now and then and enhance them, help their characters along and then get in the ring and mix it up. It’s probably the single greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m blessed, grateful, and thankful for the fans that still like to see me do my thing.”