QT Marshall And Tony Khan’s Relationship Declined Following The Elimination Of QTV Segments

(Photo Credit: AEW)

Prior to announcing his departure from All Elite Wrestling, QT Marshall stated that he would complete the year with the promotion and then resign from his role as vice president of creative and talent.

As PWMania.com previously reported, some people were aware of what was going on for weeks, others for months, and still others were unaware he was planning to leave. He became dissatisfied with his position in the company because he believed he could become a star rather than just a player/coach.

According to WrestlePurists, those in AEW have differing opinions and perspectives on how the product should be presented. Marshall was a key voice advocating for a more entertainment-based approach to wrestling television, and he favors the characters/entertainment approach because he can contribute on screen in that capacity.

Marshall wasn’t a fan of some of AEW’s creative shifts, to the point where he felt the company wasn’t telling great stories like they used to, and he doesn’t agree that putting on great matches with no story or build is the way to go, as NJPW does.

Marshall made a few appearances on Collision earlier this year in QTV segments, but the concept didn’t last long.

According to the report, “According to people in AEW, CM Punk didn’t want Marshall to be a part of Collision and didn’t see QTV as a productive part of Powerhouse Hobbs’ presentation. Tony Khan took the blame/fall for the removal of QTV segments, which ultimately damaged Khan’s relationship with Marshall.”

The relationship was strained as a result of Marshall’s perception of a lack of transparency regarding why the segments were axed. He thought Punk kicked him off the show and didn’t believe Khan when he tried to blame him. Marshall was popular among those in AEW.