R-Truth Recalls Being Told He Might Need To Have His Leg Amputated In 2022

WWE World Tag Team Champion R-Truth recently appeared on an episode of The Ringer Wrestling Show podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including finding out an injury he suffered during a match on NXT in November of 2022 was worse than expected.

Truth said, “So, he’s looking at it [after the wound wasn’t healing], and before he even took the stitches out, he said ‘Oh, I need to clean it up.’ So, he sprayed the solution on it and when he cleaned it up, there was an actual hole in my knee.”

On being told it might need to be amputated:

“My whole world stopped … I was just thinking about not being here for my family, for y’a’ll, for me… [I realized] You gotta keep moving, life don’t stop, you can’t stop, you gotta keep going. So, adapting, evolving, mentally.”

On the wound ultimately healing:

“I got the stitches out and the doctor gave me a high five, so the high five was like ‘Oh, am I there now?’ he said ‘Yeah, we can high five!’”

You can check out the complete podcast below.