Injured WWE Star Targets The Royal Rumble For In-Ring Return

The WWE Royal Rumble PLE is quickly approaching, with the event taking place in just a few weeks on January 27th, and one of the company’s most popular stars could return.

Every year, WWE hosts Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumble matches at the event, with surprise appearances from returning stars, injured talent, and Hall of Famers. This year will be no different.

Rey Mysterio hopes to return in time for the match after having knee surgery several weeks ago. WWE removed him from television after Santos Escobar attacked him.

On the Bakers Banerting Podcast, Mysterio discussed a variety of topics, including a potential return to the Royal Rumble.

“I’m really working hard on my physical therapy,” Mysterio stated. “I just had knee surgery, thanks to Santos Escobar, and his time will come eventually. I do hope that I can return for the Rumble, if not shortly after that. I am working very hard to make my return as soon as possible.”

Mysterio was also asked about the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins.

“Seth Rollins, to me, he’s like a chameleon,” Mysterio stated. “He disguises himself as many characters. He had beef with a lot of Superstars because he does carry the World Title. But now that CM Punk is on board, it’s like he pushed all the rivals that he had on [in] his site and is now focused strictly on one person. Personally, I respect Seth Rollins. I enjoy watching his work, and I appreciate that he was Dominik’s godfather. He was the first superstar to step in the ring with Dominick [SummerSlam 2020] and trusted Dominik. So at that time, Dominik and I were very close and that makes me feel full of respect towards Seth Rollins. But in the ring right now, he’s a crazy man.”

You can check out the complete interview below:

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