Road Dogg Thinks AEW Should Stop Having Blood In Matches

WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events “Road Dogg” Brian James took to an episode of his “Oh… You Didn’t Know?” podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including how AEW should stop having blood in matches.

Road Dogg said, “I say don’t go back to doing it. We’ve evolved beyond that… Man, it’s so unclean; it can’t be any more unclean than just blood. There’s enough accidents that happen where I just don’t feel like it’s needed… If I’m a father of daughters, and we’re watching wrestling, and that comes on, we’re turning the channel. And if I’m a father of boys, I’m maybe turning it, too.”

He also talked about how having blood in matches is one of the reasons AEW is not doing good numbers and if they want to do good numbers, then they must sacrifice something like that.

“There’s a reason the other place [AEW] ain’t doing no numbers. They show this kinda stuff, and they do that kinda stuff, and it can’t be ‘popular’ for the mass population… If you wanna do big business, you want mass consumption, so you sacrifice a few things. And I feel like that’s one of the things you sacrifice.”

You can check out the complete podcast below.