Rob Van Dam On Vince McMahon’s Alleged Text Messages From The Sex Trafficking Lawsuit

After being accused of sex trafficking in a new lawsuit, Vince McMahon resigned from WWE and UFC parent company TKO Group Holdings on Friday night.

Rob Van Dam discussed the lawsuit on his podcast.

He said, “I still probably haven’t seen all the pieces. From what I saw, it was pretty shocking. I can’t imagine the Vince McMahon that I know speaking like the person that texted those messages. It seemed like it was coming from a depraved 17-year-old or something. My first thought was, ‘Come on, Vince really said all that?’ I know the belief is that they can prove it and that it’s legitimate and credible sources. It just leaves me a little bewildered. I can’t imagine that. It makes me wonder, billionaires that are world leaders, what do they do for fun?”

”You see these movies where they let people out in the woods and hunt them down and shoot them, like a rich people’s game. If any of this stuff is based on some truth, I make the comparison there, someone that has such a hunger for power that they need to control someone. That’s about Vince. I can’t say anyone else mentioned would surprise me quite as much.”

(quotes courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)