ROH TV Results – May 16, 2024

ROH TV Results – May 16, 2024

Proving Ground Match
Television Champion Kyle Fletcher vs. Mentallo

Kyle Fletcher kicks away the Code Of Honor and then blasted Mentallo with a big boot.

Fletcher works over Mentallo in the corner with chops and punches.

Fletcher hit a running back elbow and got a two count with a cocky cover.

Fletcher hit a stalling suplex and had Mentallo up so long he was able to ask the crowd for cheers and then got a two count off of it.

Mentallo got a basement dropkick to the knee and another to the face.

Mentallo dumps Fletcher to the floor and then hit a moonsault off the middle turnbuckle onto Fletcher on the floor.

Back in the ring Mentallo hits a leg drop off the top turnbuckle but only got a two count.

Mentallo hits a rolling forearm and a running palm strike.

Fletcher returns fire with a rolling big boot and then a dragon suplex.

Fletcher hits a running Yakuza Kick then a brainbuster for only a two count.

Fletcher went for Grindstone Piledriver and Mentallo reversed with a wheelbarrow for a two count.

Fletcher came right back with a running leg lariat and a yakuza kick to the back.

Fletcher hits Grindstone Piledriver for the win

Winner: Television Champion Kyle Fletcher (5:54)

Tag Team Match
Dark Order (John Silver & Evil Uno) vs. Satnam Singh & Jay Lethal

Evil Uno & Jay Lethal went dosi do with some chain wrestling then some shoulder blocks while Lethal tried to tag out early.

John Silver tags in and asks for Satnam Singh while Uno tries to talk him out of it.

Singh tags in and Uno bails to ringside and laments the choice with Alex Reynolds.

Singh and Silver have a pose off for a bit.

Silver asked for a test of strength but then tried to kick out the legs of Singh.

Silver ran right into a big boot and Singh tags out to Lethal.

Lethal clears Uno from the apron then Lethal, Singh & Sonjay Dutt did a Fargo strut.

Singh lifted Silver up on his shoulders and Lethal went up top, but Uno cleared Lethal from the top as Silver put Singh in a sleeper.

Uno tried to lay in some punches but got throws off.

Singh hit Uno with a chokeslam while still in the sleeper.

Singh went down to one knee and Lethal broke the sleeper with a superkick.

Singh held Silver while Lethal hits Lethal Injection for the win.

Winners: Satnam Singh & Jay Lethal

Backstage Iron Savages cut a promo. Jacked Jameson said it’s no more stepping stones, now they’re roadblocks. Boulder talked about their T counts. Bronson pointed out the pecs of Jameson & Boulder and said that’s peak male performance then Jameson cut the catchphrase again

Anna Jay vs. Tara Zep

Tara Zep blocks Anna Jay into the corner for a clean break.

Jay threw Zep down by her hair and then hit a vertical suplex for a pair of 2 counts then she choked Zep. Jay choked Zep on the ropes and then argued with the ref.

Jay hits Zep with a spin kick to the back.

Jay hits an Gory Bomb for a cover but she pulls Zep up and locks in Queen Slayer for the submission win.

Winner: Anna Jay

Skye Blue vs. Rachael Ellering 

Skye Blue kicks away the Code Of Honor before Rachael Ellering caught a kick and locks in a headlock.

Blue fought out and tried a headlock of her own but Ellering picks her up threw her across the ring and hits a shoulder block.

Blue blasted Ellering with a forearm but Ellering came right back with another shoulder block.

Ellering walked around the ring with Blue in a gutwrench before she hits a suplex.

Ellering tried the senton but Blue got the knees up.

Blue choked Ellering with a boot choke in the corner.

Blue worked over Ellering with some chops in the corner and then threw her to the floor.

Blue threw Ellering into the apron for a bit and then threw her back in the ring.

Blue tried an acrobatic line across the ring but Ellering blasted her with a clothesline out of the corner for a double down.

Ellering hits a running uppercut then a cradle suplex for a two count.

Ellering returned the chops from a few moments ago.

Ellering hit another big uppercut and then a senton splash for a two count then they traded a bunch of roll up near falls. Ellering hits a spinebuster for a two count.

Blue tried a roll up but Ellering sat down on her for a two count.

Blue hit a superkick and then her Code Blue to get the win.

Winner: Skye Blue

Backstage Spanish Announce Project talked about living a waking nightmare. Serpentico said they needed to tune down the aggression and hit the good vibes. Angelico said things are about to get ugly for Maria, Griff Garrison & Cole Karter.

Tag Team Match
Action Andretti & Darius Martin vs. Levi Night & Jon Cruz

Levi Night calls for a test of strength then did a disco dance.

Darius Martin hits a big dropkick to the face of Night.

Jon Cruz & Action Andretti tags in and Cruz trips on the bottom rope as he was throwing his jacket to get the crowd to shut up about him.

Andretti & Cruz traded backslide attempts and then Andretti backs Cruz into his corner.

Martin & Andretti hit a ton of quick offense on Cruz & Night and knocked them both to ringside.

Cruz did some trickery with a blind tag and Night got a round kick on Martin for a two count.

Night hit a backbreaker for a one count. Cruz tags in and works over Martin in the corner.

Night back in for a body slam and a leg drop for a broken up near fall.

Cruz in and he hit a diving forearm for a one count then he locked in a chinlock.

Martin fought out and hit a wall walk Pele kick for the double down.

Hot tag to Andretti & he hits a bunch of forearms and a clothesline on Night.

Andretti hit a neckbreaker and dumped Cruz & Night to ringside and dove onto them.

Back in the ring Andretti went outside in with a springboard moonsault for a broken up near fall.

Cruz and Night tried a double suplex but Martin blocked and they hit a double superkick.

Martin & Andretti hits a bunch of kicks to Night then hits Spin Cycle for the win.

Winners: Action Andretti & Darius Martin

Proving Ground Match
ROH World Tag Team Champions Undisputed Kingdom (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) vs. London Lightning & Jason Geiger

Jason Geiger locks in an arm hold but Mike Bennett broke free quickly but then got trapped in a knee bar that Matt Taven had to break up.

Geiger kicks away a double back body attempt and tags in London Lightning.

Lightning hits an atomic drop and then dropkicked Taven into Bennett.

Lightning hits a spinebuster on Taven & Bennett broke it up.

Kingdom hits a pop up Bayonet for a two count on Lightning.

Kingdom worked over Lightning in the corner with some quick tags.

Bennett hit a vertical suplex and got a two count.

Undisputed Kingdom hit some tandem strikes that ended with Just The Tip from Bennett for a two count on London.

Lightning avoided a clothesline and tags in Geiger & hits some clotheslines and suplexes and got a near fall on Taven.

Bennett cleared Lightning with a Bayonet before Undisputed Kingdom hits Rockstar Supernova on Geiger for the win.

Winners: ROH World Tag Team Champions Undisputed Kingdom (5:05)

Proving Ground Match
Women’s Champion Athena vs. Nicole Matthews

Nicole Matthews locked in a cravat before Athena cheered as she got out of the cravat.

Matthews trips her and then the women gator rolled around the ring for a bit.

Matthews got a one count with a roll up and Athena retreated to ringside.

Athena trips Matthews and nails her with a forearm and hits a twisting outside in splash for a two count. Athena hits a running forearm in the corner.

Athena locks in an arm trap neck vice but Matthews rolls through and got a pair of two counts with some fancy trap pins.

Athena blasted Matthews with another forearm to try and take control again but Matthews rolled her up again for another two count.

Matthews came back with a neckbreaker, a pair of clotheslines and a bridging northern lights suplex for a two count.

Athena pops up with another forearm then hit a springboard codebreaker.

Athena dropkicks Matthews to the floor then threw her back in the ring and hits O Face for the pin

Winner: Women’s Champion Athena (7:55)

After the match Athena locks in a crossface on Matthews until Queen Aminata came in and broke it up. Aminata blocks a forearm attempt and hits her a headbutt to clear Athena to the floor who laid there in a heap while Aminata looked at the Women’s Title lying in the ring