ROH TV Results – November 16, 2023

ROH TV Results – November 16, 2023

Trent Beretta vs. Peter Avalon

Trent Beretta had the upper hand until Peter Avalon sent Beretta into the corner post before following up with a crossbody to the floor.

Avalon got in Orange Cassidy’s face which allowed Beretta to hit a big back body drop on the floor.

Beretta went for a spear into the barricade but Avalon moves with Beretta crashing into the barricade before Avalon hits a crossbody for a near fall.

Avalon went to the middle rope, but Beretta yanked Avalon down into a Saito Suplex before Beretta hits a pair of German suplexes before hitting a half & half suplex.

Beretta hits a running knee for a near fall before Avalon pushes out of a tornado DDT before hitting a superkick before Avalon follows with a springboard crossbody for a near fall.

Beretta went for a top rope hurricanrana but Avalon rolls through for a near fall then Avalon reversed a piledriver into a Tombstone of his own for a near fall.

Beretta sent Avalon to the apron before Avalon went over the top for a sunset flip but Beretta caught him in with Strong Zero for the win.

Winner: Trent Beretta

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Dalton Castle & he was confident heading into his ROH World Title match against Eddie Kingston because he was better than Kingston. Castle said that Kingston’s only chance at winning would be to score a knockout.

Tag Team Match
The Outrunners (Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum) vs. Sebastian Wolfe & Jacoby Watts

The Outrunners attacks Sebastian Wolfe & Jacoby Watts from behind as they worked on Wolfe for a few minutes before Wolfe got the tag out to Watts.

Watts ran wild before The Outrunners sent him to the floor before The Outrunners hits Wolfe with a double team powerslam for the win.

Winners: The Outrunners

Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal were backstage with Lexy Nair & they knew that their tenure didn’t mean anything when going against their opponents El Hijo Del Vikingo & Komander but they were ready for the challenge.

Emi Sakura vs. Kel

Kel teasingly called for a test of strength but Emi Sakura punched her in the gut and locks her in a surfboard stretch.

Kel came back with a bicycle kick for a near fall but Sakura avoided a corner kick and repeatedly chops Kel.

Sakura hits a crossbody in the corner before hitting a butterfly backbreaker for the win.

Winner: Emi Sakura

Backstage Lexy Nair is with The Outrunners & they hyped themselves up as the best team in ROH.

Tag Team Match
The Bollywood Boys (Harv Sihra & Gurv Sihra) vs. The Boys (Brandon Tate & Brent Tate)

The Bollywood Boys hits a tag team combination in their corner ending with a middle rope bulldog from Harv Sihra for a near fall. Brandon Tate got the tag out to Brent Tate & he ran wild.

He hits a dive onto Harv before double stomping Gurv Sihra for a near fall before The Bollywood Boys hits Demolition Decapitation then goes for the cover but was broken up by Brandon. Brent hits Sole Food before hitting a pendulum slam for the win.

Winners: The Boys

Backstage Tony Khan announced that a new Television Champion would be crowned at Final Battle in a Fatal 6 Way Survival Of The Fittest match. Qualifying matches would be happening in the next few weeks to determine the competitors in that match.

Backstage Lexy Nair is with The Renegades & they talked up their chemistry as sisters and as a team as opposed to their opponents Leyla Hirsch & Rachel Ellering before Maria Kanellis enters the scene asking to have a word with The Renegades off screen.

Tag Team Match
Women’s Champion Athena & Billie Starkz vs. Johnnie Robbie & Brooke Havok

Athena feigned a handshake before punching Johnnie Robbie in the face before Robbie outpaced Athena on the apron but Athena counters a sunset flip into a powerbomb.

Robbie hits Billie Starkz with a jawbreaker before tagging Brooke Havok in & she hits a bodyscissors into a DDT for a near fall.

Athena cuts off Havok with a knee to the back allowing Starkz to forearm Havok.

Starkz menaced the referee before Athena tags in and hits Despicable Knee for the win.

Winners: Women’s Champion Athena & Billie Starkz

After the match Starkz puts Robbie in a crossface before Athena put Havok in one as well.

Lexy Nair is with Ethan Page & he was happy with costing Tony Nese his match last week before Nese & Smart Mark Sterling entered the scene. Sterling & Nese complained before reminding Page that Nese had already beaten him. Page challenged Nese to a rematch as he did weeks ago this time with Nese accepting the challenge.

Tag Team Match
The Renegades (Charlette & Robyn) vs. Rachael Ellering & Leyla Hirsch

Leyla Hirsch handles The Renegades by herself by hitting a dropkick in the corner for a near fall before Rachael Ellering tags in & hits a double shoulder block with Hirsch.

Charlette Renegade covers Hirsch’s eyes with her headband before tagging in Robyn Renegade & hits a crossbody for a near fall.

The Renegades double teamed Ellering by hitting a double team suplex for a near fall.

Ellering fought her way to the corner and tagged in Hirsch & ran wild on The Renegades before she hits a gutwrench suplex on Robyn onto Charlette before hitting a running knee for a near fall.

Hirsch set up Ellering for a running uppercut for a near fall before The Renegades tried to double team Ellering but Ellering sent them into each other before Ellering hits a Sunset Flip to get the win for her team.

Winners: Rachael Ellering & Leyla Hirsch

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Athena & Billie Starkz & Athena was mildly impressed with Starkz then told Starkz & Nair that they would either step up as minions or Athena wouldn’t be happy.

Marina Shafir vs. Amira

Marina Shafir controls the match early until Amira fought her off and made a small comeback.

Shafir boots Amira in the face before hitting a judo slam. Shafir locks in a Darce Choke & the referee stops the match.

Winner By Referee Stoppage: Marina Shafir

Tag Team Match
El Hijo Del Vikingo & Komander vs. Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal

El Hijo Del Vikingo & Matt Sydal got into a pinning predicament before reversing each other’s arm drags before Christopher Daniels & Komander tags in with Komander entering the ring with a flourish.

Daniels got double teamed by Vikingo & Komander with Vikingo vaulting off of Komander’s back to hit a dropkick as they hit a double 619 before Komander hit a standing moonsault for a near fall.

Sydal held onto Daniels on an Irish whip allowing Daniels to drop Komander on the ropes and tag out. Daniels & Sydal works on Komander with Sydal hitting a corkscrew senton for a near fall.

Daniels hit a pair of bodyslams before clubbing him with a lariat before Sydal hits a vaulting Meteora for a near fall before tying Komander up into a bow & arrow submission as Sydal caught Komander with a back kick leading to a Daniels STO for a near fall.

Komander fought his way to the corner and tags in Vikingo & ran wild on Daniels & Sydal then Vikingo hit a double jump Crucifix Bomb then hooks the leg but Daniels breaks it up then we get a brawl that ends with a Daniels STO.

Daniels & Sydal hits a powerbomb/Meteora combination for a near fall before Komander hits a plancha on Sydal as Vikingo hits a springboard crossbody on Daniels.

Vikingo hits running knees in the corner then sets him up for Komander’s ropewalk 450 splash then Komander dove onto Sydal as Vikingo hits a Frog Splash for the win.

Winners: El Hijo Del Vikingo & Komander

ROH World Title Match
Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Dalton Castle

Dalton Castle stalled for a while before taking Eddie Kingston to the mat with a single leg takedown before Kingston chops Castle away but Castle caught Kingston with a back elbow.

Castle hits repeated splashes to the stomach before Kingston got his knees up before Castle hits another back elbow to take Kingston down again.

Kingston fought off another Castle takedown by kneeing Castle in the gut before hitting a double stomp to the gut for a near fall.

Castle caught Kingston in the corner with running knees before hitting a Slingblade bulldog for a near fall. Kingston caught Castle with a boot on a corner charge but Castle boots Kingston to the apron before Castle kneed him to the floor.

Kingston hit a lariat to cut Castle down before he hits Machine Gun Chops in the corner before sending Castle flying with a t bone suplex. Castle feigned going down before hitting a pair of suplexes of his own.

Castle laid in strikes before going for Bang A Rang but Kingston hits Backfist for a near fall before Kingston pulls Castle up and hits a 2nd Backfist.

Castle tried to fire up but Kingston hits a half & half suplex before hitting a 3rd Backfist to score the win.

Winner & Still ROH World Champion: Eddie Kingston (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)

After the match Kingston said that this match was for Mr. Brodie Lee.

After replays Eddie Kingston was backstage with Lexy Nair. Kingston was tired not because of his schedule as champion but because he saw other World Champions not doing their job. They would get 6 or 7 segments a show, while not raising the tides of the company that they worked for. Guys like him, Orange Cassidy & Moxley were the tide and he would be a true champion for the fans of Ring Of Honor.