ROH TV Results – October 5, 2023

ROH TV Results – October 5, 2023

Kicking off this week’s ROH with ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston talking about his title defense at WrestleDream against Pure Champion Katsuyori Shibata. He praised Shibata before talking about the issues that have come up with Jay Lethal & ROH Board Of Directors member Stokely Hathaway.

Women’s Title Match
Athena (c) vs. Leyla Hirsch

Leyla Hirsch caught Athena with a dropkick before hitting a pendulum dropkick in the corner. Hirsch hit a dive to Athena on the floor. Athena avoids a throw into the ring steps then dropkicks Hirsch near the steps. Hirsch threw Athena into the stairs, but Athena stuffed a suplex off of the stairs and dumps Hirsch to the floor with a gourdbuster.

Athena clobbers on Hirsch until Hirsch reversed an Irish whip into the corner then Hirsch vaulted over Athena and caught her in a sleeper hold until Athena threw her down to the mat.

Hirsch caught Athena with a roll up but Athena kicks out and nails Hirsch with a forearm then Athena clobbers on Hirsch some more until Hirsch fought back as she hits a German suplex for a near fall.

Athena kipped up into a headscissors that sent Hirsch into the turnbuckles before Athena bounces  Hirsch off of the ropes into position for a rolling senton.

Athena went up for O Face but Hirsch brought her down and locks her in an armbar. Hirsch transitioned into a triangle choke but Athena hits a one armed powerbomb for a near fall.

They traded forearms until Athena hit a strike combination then counters a forearm by locking Hirsch in a crossface but Hirsch got out of it and got an armbar in but Athena stomps and forearms her way out.

Hirsch went to the top rope but Athena hit a jumping kick and met her on the top rope before Hirsch brought Athena down with a cartwheel German suplex. Hirsch went for a moonsault but Athena superkicks her down then hits Despicable Knee for the win.

Winner & Still Women’s Champion: Athena (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)

After the match Athena superkicks Hirsch then she went to throw Hirsch into the Women’s Title but Billie Starkz was able to talk her down. Maria Kanellis-Bennett walks to the stage looking disapprovingly at Hirsch.

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Christopher Daniels & Rocky Romero. They gave each other respect and said the better man would win.

Josh Woods vs. Tyler Payne

Tyler Payne eluded Josh Woods for a minute before Woods caught up to him and hammered him with strikes before he hits Tilt A Woods for the win.

Winner: Josh Woods

Rocky Romero vs. Christopher Daniels

Rocky Romero won the early exchange as he sends Christopher Daniels to the floor and following him with a dive. Romero hit a knee off the apron but Daniels avoids Forever clotheslines and hits a t bone suplex.

Daniels held serve until Romero rolled out of a back suplex and hit a tornado DDT then Romero hits Forever Clotheslines before tying Daniels into the ropes and hitting a springboard dropkick for a near fall.

Daniels cut Romero off on the top rope and hit a top rope hurricanrana for a near fall before Romero backdrops out of Angel’s Wings then hits a Rewind Kick follow by a running Sliced Bread for the win.

Winner: Rocky Romero

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Dalton Castle. Castle felt a lot of pressure to come through for the fans and needed to find a way to give the people what they wanted and what they deserved.

Scoripo Sky vs. Fred Rosser

Scoripo Sky caught Fred Rosser on a dropdown before driving Rosser into the corner with forearms. Sky went to the middle rope but Rosser pulls him down to the mat. Rosser hits chop/lariat combinations before hitting Sky with driving hip attacks.

Rosser held Sky down with headlocks before Sky drops Rosser with a lariat then Rosser walks into a Sky High for a near fall before Rosser smokes Sky with a rolling forearm then drops Sky on the apron with a side suplex.

Sky counters a suplex with a cradle for a near fall then ducks a rolling forearm to hit a TKO for the win.

Winner: Scoripo Sky

6 Woman Tag Team Match
The Renegades (Robyn & Charlette) & Lady Frost vs. Willow Nightingale, Skye Blue & Kiera Hogan

Willow Nightingale & Lady Frost starts this match with forearms with Nightingale drops Frost with a bodyslam and a low crossbody. Skye Blue & Kiera Hogan hit dual superkicks for a near fall. The Renegades pulls Nightingale & Hogan out of the corner as Frost drops Blue by the hair.

The Renegades and Frost clobbers on Blue in the corner then Blue flips out of a double suplex to make the tag to Hogan & she ran wild on The Renegades with hip attacks. Hogan hit a sliding kick on Robyn Renegade for a near fall.

The match broke down into a brawl before The Renegades went for a double team on Hogan but Hogan avoids it and got a tag to Nightingale & she hits Charlette with Babe With The Powerbomb for the win.

Winners: Willow Nightingale, Skye Blue & Kiera Hogan

Backstage Lexy Nair is with The Infantry & they talked up their match against TMDK and Trish Adora’s match against Billie Starkz later tonight.

Ethan Page vs. Invictus Khash

Invictus Khash used the Code Of Honor to trap Ethan Page’s arm but Page quickly got out of the hold with a bodyslam. Page hit a twisting suplex before Khash counters a corner charge with punches but Page hit a high kick.

Khash escapes Ego’s Edge and hit a rolling elbow but Page low bridges him to the floor. Page hits a running shoulder block to the floor before rolling Khash into the ring and hits Headshot for the win.

Winner: Ethan Page

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Tony Nese & Smart Mark Sterling. They said that carbs were the enemy and waged war against anyone who likes bread.

Tag Team Match
TMDK (Mickey Nicholls & Shane Haste) vs. The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean)

Carlie Bravo starts this match with Shane Haste & he gets the advantage on him before The Infantry got a double team combination for a near fall.

Mikey Nicholls cuts Dean off from the floor allowing TMDK to take control. TMDK hit a senton/fist drop combination for a near fall.

TMDK held serve on Dean until he fought through them to get the tag to Bravo. Bravo ran wild by hitting Haste with Deadfall for a near fall.

TMDK took Bravo down off the top rope with an assisted superplex for a near fall.

The match broke down to a brawl ending with Nicholls hitting a spinebuster on Bravo before TMDK hits Tankbuster for the win.

Winners: TMDK

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Ethan Page & she notes that ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston was watching Page. Page responded that his ego was rebuilding and that he would soon be ready for Kingston and anyone else in Ring Of Honor.

Satoshi Kojima vs. Tony Nese

Satoshi Kojima had control early on until Smart Mark Sterling hooks his boot from the floor. Sterling got a boot in on Kojima on the floor.

Nese held control of before Nese hits Kojima with a dropkick before locking on a bodyscissors. Kojima caught Nese in the corner and fired up with Machine Gun Chops.

Kojima hit a diving elbow for a near fall before Kojima hits a DDT and went for Koji Cutter but Nese chops Kojima in the throat. Nese hung Kojima on the ropes before hitting a triangle moonsault for a near fall.

Kojima & Nese traded strikes before Nese went for a pumphandle slam but Kojima escapes and hits Koji Cutter. Kojima loads up for Western Lariat but Sterling got on the apron to distract him.

Nese hit a spinning back kick to Kojima but ran right into a Western Lariat from Kojima to get the win.

Winner: Satoshi Kojima

After the match, Kojima stuffed bread down Nese’s throat and celebrated.

We got more Minion Training with Women’s Champion Athena, Billie Starkz & Lexy Nair. Nair passed but Starkz fails again.

Billie Starkz vs. Trish Adora

Trish Adora took Billie Starkz’ arm to start forcing Athena to give Starkz a pep talk on the outside. Starkz came back with fire but Adora drops her with a bridging German suplex for a near fall.

Adora drills Starkz with forearms before following up with hip attacks in the corner.

Starkz came back with a pull up forearm before going to the top rope for a Swanton but Adora got the knees up. Starkz hit the Star 10 and locks in crossface for the win.

Winner By Submission: Billie Starkz

Darius Martin vs. Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson caught Darius Martin with a low dropkick before Martin came back with a big dropkick of his own. Johnson sent Martin into the turnbuckle before hitting a back suplex for a near fall. Johnson held serve on Martin.

Martin blocks an ankle trap and brought Johnson down with a back suplex. Martin fired up by hitting a combination that ended with an outside in flatliner for a near fall.

Johnson ducks a forearm and hit a snap German suplex before hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall.

Martin ducks a corner charge but Johnson caught him with a superkick on another flatliner. Martin came back with a superkick and a frog splash to score the win.

Winner: Darius Martin

Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match
Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor & Lee Moriarty) vs. The Workhorsemen (Anthony Henry & JD Drake) vs. Iron Savages (Boulder & Bronson) vs. Griff Garrison & Cole Karter

Cole Karter kept tagging in and getting beat up by the others so he tags Griff Garrison in to get pinballed by The Workhorsemen. Karter drags Garrison out allowing Lee Moriarty to dropkick JD Drake in the ring.

Anthony Henry & Shane Taylor traded shots with Taylor scoring with a headbutt and a uranage before Taylor hits a splash for a near fall.

Henry got clubbered on by the other teams with Karter hitting a dropkick for a nearfall. Garrison hits a big boot for a near fall before Henry fought to his corner to get a tag to Drake.

Taylor & Drake inadvertently worked together to hammer on Karter before the match broke down into a brawl.

Iron Savages got involved leading to Bronson hitting a dive to the floor onto the pile then Boulder went to take down Karter but Maria threatened the Savage Sauce. Taylor tags in and laid out Karter with a knockout punch for the win.

Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions

6 Man Tag Team Match
Spanish Announce Project (Angelico & Serpentico) & Gringo Loco vs. Komander, Metalik & Gravity

Gringo Loco & Metalik starts this match with Metalik hitting a ropewalk headscissors off the bat then we got a pair of lucha arm drags before Angelico & Komander tag in respectively. Komander ran wild by hitting a strike combination on Angelico before assisting Gravity in a splash for a near fall. Serpentico tags in getting a headscissors in on Gravity. Gravity hits a splash for a near fall.

They traded strikes before the match broke down into a brawl then Loco & Spanish Announce Project hit a triple dropkick on Gravity for a near fall. Gravity caught Loco on a corner charge by sitting him on the top rope.

Angelico & Serpentico threw Gravity up into a Loco diving powerbomb for a near fall before Komander tags in and blocks 3 corner charges before hopping onto Loco’s shoulders to hit a rana on Angelico.

Metalik tags in and hit a pop up rana on Loco. Angelico took a rana as well before Metalik & Gravity hit dives to the floor. Komander went for his rope walk dive but Gringo Loco met him on the top and hit a Spanish Fly.

Loco hit a dive to the floor but missed Komander on a moonsault in the ring before Komander hit a step up Canadian Destroyer before hitting the rope walk Shooting Star Press for the win.

Winners: Komander, Metalik & Gravity