Rumor Killer On Ronda Rousey Leaving WWE For UFC Return

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Could Ronda Rousey be heading back to the combat sports world?

That has been the buzz on social media and throughout the world wide web in both the pro wrestling and mixed martial arts communities over the past few weeks.

UFC fighters have even brought up hearing whispers of Rousey returning to the UFC in a new division, moving from her old stomping grounds of Bantamweight to Featherweight.

In an update, Ariel Helwani of is reporting that “Rowdy” Ronda won’t be jumping ship from WWE back to the UFC.

He addressed the rumors, which picked up momentum on Wednesday, in a tweet shared via his official Twitter page.

“Ronda Rousey is not considering a UFC comeback, I’m told,” Helwani wrote. “No truth to the rumors started yesterday.”