Seth Rollins Names Claudio Castagnoli As His Best Friend In Wrestling

Other than his significant other, who is the most significant friend of Seth “Freakin'” Rollins in the pro wrestling industry?

The answer might surprise you!

The WWE World Heavyweight Champion recently appeared as a guest on the SI Media Podcast for an interview, during which he spoke about AEW star Claudio Castagnoli being his best friend in the business.

“Well, my best friend is my wife. I don’t mean to be cheesy, but yeah, my best friend is my wife, Becky Lynch,” he began. “We spend most of our time together whether it be parenting or working and it’s awesome. We just have a great relationship. We were friends before we were together romantically and so that has carried over. So we’re best friends.”

Rollins continued, “If you were to ask me who my best, like, non-romantic friend is, I would probably say Claudio Castagnoli, I think is probably my best friend. We’ve gone up and down the road together for over a decade in different promotions and we still keep in close contact. I talk to him virtually every single day, and so yeah, I mean, he’s probably number one.”

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