Special Look At Recent WWE Returns, Logan Paul’s Rise In WWE, 365 Best RKOs

– Randy Orton has hit a lot of RKOs out of nowhere throughout his legendary WWE career. Now that “Daddy’s back” home, the company has decided now is as good a time as ever to look back at some of the best RKOs in the career of “The Apex Predator.” Featured below is a lengthy compilation video WWE released this week, which looks at 365 of Randy Orton’s greatest RKOs.

– Speaking of Orton, he, along with CM Punk, Kairi Sane, R-Truth and others have returned to WWE in recent weeks. In another new compilation video released by the company this week, WWE looks back at the top 25 best moments of the month of November. Check out the complete video below.

– Finally, WWE released a third lengthy video running at 43-plus minutes on their YouTube channel this week featuring a look at Logan Paul’s rise to the “most despised champion in 2023.” Check out the complete special episode of WWE Playlist via the YouTube player embedded below.