Speculation About Erick Rowan Returning To WWE

A former WWE star’s potential return to the company is currently the subject of much speculation.

East Coast Pro Wrestling (ECPW), a Nova Scotia-based promotion, announced on social media that Rowan will pull out of their Coal Town Carnage event next weekend due to “new contractual obligations.” Furthermore, the promotion stated that Rowan had canceled several other bookings as well.

While WWE was not mentioned specifically, it is generally assumed that someone who withdraws from independent shows citing “contractual” reasons is headed to WWE.

WWE has previously told talent to keep quiet if they are signed because the company wants to make the announcement. In this case, Rowan may have been involved in plans to bring back the Uncle Howdy character, played by Bo Dallas.

WWE teased Uncle Howdy’s return at the end of the Bray Wyatt documentary, as well as hints about their weekly TV shows.

East Coast Pro Wrestling (ECPW) made the following announcement via Facebook:

We have just received word this evening from Erick Rowan that unfortunately he will not be able to make his scheduled appearance next week at Coal Town Carnage. Erick stated that new contractual obligations are preventing him from making several dates including ours. This is the first time in ECPW history that one of our scheduled stars cancelled and it is out of our control.

With that being said, the show will still feature Former WWE Superstar Brian Kendrick, the debut of Vanessa Kraven plus all of the superstars or East Coast Pro Wrestling. Three title matches, a New Waterford Rumble and much more goes down next Saturday at The New Waterford & District Community Center. Please message the ECPW FB Page if further information is required.