Spoilers: TNA iMPACT Taping Results From Orlando, FL (1/19/2024)

TNA Wrestling taped a set of television on Friday night.

Featured below are complete spoiler results from the taping held in Orlando, FL. for future episodes of TNA iMPACT On AXS TV.

Nic Nemeth defeated Trey Miguel with Zachary Wentz via Superkick. Steven Maclin and The Rascalz attacked Nic after the match.

Decay (Rosemary and Havok) defeated Mila Moore and Savannah Thorne in a non-title match.

Brian Meyers defeated Kevin Knight via the Roster Cut. Kazarian came to the ring for a promo. He mentioned over the last couple of weeks he has been asked one question: why? Why did he turn on Eric Young? One year ago he came back to TNA and he says he saved this company. He said he loves this place and he is in all of the videos showing he was out in the water giving everything for the company much like how he has given to the wrestling business for 25 years. He says he has given more than anything the audience can imagine. He will now start taking because he has earned the right to do that. For too long he has has watched those not as talented or dependable as him be given opportunities or repeaing benefits. Going forward he has no desire to be a hero to the people. The only thing the people like them is they have permission to thank him Going forward he has no desire to be a hero to the fans because the only thing fans love more than a hero is seeing the hero fail. The hero must become the monster and that’s what he is going to do. That brings him to Eric Young. He says in a lot of ways Eric is the heartbeat of TNA. History does not remember soldiers it remembers kings and that’s what he plans to be. Eric Young was but a means to an end. He made his decision for the betterment of TNA wrestling. He will no longer walk in the shadows or be taken for granted. If he has to walk that path alone so be it because as far as the fans are concerned the fans have permission to thank him now (a nod to Bad Influence’s catchphrase in TNA in 2012-2013.) Deaner comes out for a promo. He announces the Design is dead. As he continues, PCO’s music hits and he is brought to the ring and raises off of his stretcher.

PCO defeats Deaner with a moonsault.

Masha Slamovich with Killer Kelly defeated Jody Threat with Dani Luna via snowplow. Kelly tried to distract at one point resulting in her and Dani Luna getting into a fight on the floor.

Grizzled Young Vets (Zack Gibson and James Drake) defeated ABC (Chris Bey and Ace Austin) via double codebreaker on Ace Austin in a non-title match. This appeared to be the end of the episode at this point.

Chris Sabin defeated John Skyler with Jason Hotch via Cradle Shock in a non-title match. Skyler cut a promo before the match talking about a preview of what’s to come for Sabin at No Surrender.

Alex Shelley defeated Eddie Edwards with Alisha Edwards via a capturing style pinfall. Brian Meyers and Alisha Edwards attacked Shelley after. Kushida and Kevin Knight made the save.

Zachary Wentz with Trey Miguel defeated Mike Bailey via UFO cutter following Trey Miguel getting involved by knocking Bailey off the turnbuckle while the referee was distracted. Miguel and Wentz attacked Bailey after. Trent Seven came out for the save. Steve Maclin ran out before Nic Nemeth came out to take out Maclin. Nic, Trent, and Bailey stood tall in the ring as Rascalz and Maclin bailed to the floor.

Josh Alexander defeated Alan Angels via the C4 Spike. As Alexander went around ringside a fan in a mask attacked him from the guardrail. He unmasked to be Simon Gotch.

Moose defeated Kushida via The Hit Stick (Spear) in a non-title match. The System attack Kushida after the match until Alex Shelley and Kevin Knight make the save.

Steve Maclin with Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz defeated Trent Seven with Mike Bailey via KIA (Double Armed DDT.) There was some ruckus among Rascalz and Bailey on the floor during the match.

Jordynne Grace and Trinity defeated Giselle Shaw and Savannah Evans with Jai Vidal via Trinity making Savannah submit. Trinity cut a promo after the match saying that TNA has been life changing for her both in and out of the ring. She is honored to work with such talented women and puts over Jordynne Grace as a great champion. Trinity thanks everyone for coming out. Jordynne Grace says she and Trinity make a hell of a team. She calls the fans the most important part of the show. She leads the crowd in starting a TNA chant to close the night.