Sting Shares His Thoughts On His Upcoming Retirement Match At AEW Revolution

AEW star “The Icon” Sting recently spoke with Sports Illustrated on a number of topics including his upcoming retirement match set to take place at tonight’s Revolution 2024 PPV.

Sting said, “I want people to walk away saying how was that even possible, I want people to be entertained, I want to elevate AEW. I never wanted wrestling to pass me by, that’s why I wrestled the way I did, this Sunday I’m going to wrestle a way that will make people want to save the tape.”

“My lip quivers thinking about it, wrestling fans, they’re in my heart, the little Stingers aren’t little anymore, they’re adults now, we’ve all grown together, we’ve been through all of this together. The relationship with the fans, that’s what brings this to a whole other level, I can’t tell you the amount of conversations I’ve had where someone would tell me that the only relationship they had with their father was watching Sting in WCW, or the ones where people told me they were bullied in school, but they watched Sting and he made them feel strong, can you believe that, I still can’t.”

“The feeling that wrestling fans give me is as great as anything I give them, it blows me away, hearing that I touched a person’s life, it’s very humbling. I’m in good hands next to Darby, it’s been an honor to see him turn into this polished star, I’m grateful my last hurrah was with him.”

“I didn’t teach him much about wrestling, other than psychology here or there, less is more, I taught him that, I taught him that it’s good to lose if you can lose the right way. Overall, he’s got the wrestling down, but I’ve learned so much from him, I couldn’t have been this successful without him.”