The Gunns Release Intense Statement On Social Media

Austin Gunn has a lot on his mind.

And he just got some of it off of his chest.

The Gunns tag-team member from Bullet Club Gold in All Elite Wrestling took to social media on Friday to issue a statement venting his frustration about fans seemingly wanting to jump on the bandwagon now after disrespecting he and Colten Gunn from the start.

“Oh ya’ll like us now,” wrote Austin Gunn. “Oh, ya’ll finally seeing our potential? Oh that’s crazy. I saw that years ago. You know that saying about the wagon or whatever? That’s how I really feel these days. It’s too late to jump on. Train has left the station.”

He continued, taking some shots at wrestlers he didn’t say by name, but many will likely deduce on their own.

“Oh ya’ll wanna like that guys son, that guys daughter and give them all the praise instead of giving us the praise based off our body of work three years in the biz,” he said. “What happens when we decide to expose that deer on ice or the wrestlers that have been protected? We’ve been on “zero misses” for years & you guys haven’t been paying attention?”

In wrapping up the statement, Gunn listed some of the accomplishments he and his brother have achieved in such a short time, including earning the respect of the locker room after only a few years in the business.

“Debut on TV, no indies, no “you guys aren’t ready yet”, no worries,” he wrote. “Composure of a ballerina & the blood of a HOF’r. All the veterans backstage give us standing ovations like we won the purple heart but I’m supposed to follow the direction of a tweet on X? We’ll never get our flowers, so we’ll grow our own. Gunns up. Disrespectfully, The Gunns.”

Check out the post from Austin Gunn’s official Twitter (X) page embedded below. Make sure to give a H/T and link to Matt Boone (@MattBoone0709) and for transcribing the above Austin Gunn Twitter (X) statement.