Thunder Rosa On Why There Was “So Much Misunderstanding” When She Was Injured

AEW star Thunder Rosa discussed her return to the ring following her injury during a recent Busted Open Radio show. Rosa wrestled on Dynamite this week for the first time in more than a year.

She stated, “This is a new version of Thunder Rosa,” she said. “So it’s still for some people, like the music, the new entrance and everything, it’s different. I am a different person. I have come back as a different person because of the circumstances that I have to live through to come back to the ring. It hasn’t been easy physically and mentally, but every battle I am facing, I am facing the best way and the most critical and most calculative way possible when I get in the ring.”

Her new finisher:

“It’s called the Tijuana bomb. I want to give a shout out to my homie, JP Harlow, who was one of the most supportive former students that I have and now he’s helping me get back in shape and he’s been on my ass about everything. He’s helping me to get better. He’s the one who suggested that because I can do that with smaller people. I have another submission that I have not used yet. I only had two singles matches, but I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna have a lot more singles matches in the next couple of months.”

Wanting to become AEW Women’s Champion again:

“I achieved the biggest goal that I never thought in my life that I would and that was to become the AEW Women’s World Champion. I never had the opportunity to go for the TBS championship and it will be absolutely amazing just like other of my peers have been able to be the champion twice or three times and hopefully that can happen for me. I am going to keep working on everything that I can bring inside and outside the ring to show that I deserve that spot, that I deserve to be there, that I never left, and yes, I might be a little slower right now. I might not have some of the same characteristics that Thunder Rosa had in the past, but in the core of it all, the fire is still there. The motivation is still there, The consistency is still there. Some of my peers don’t have that experience because they’re a lot younger and they don’t have the drive and the hunger that I have because everything was taken away from me. It was.”

Rosa added, “I just want to be able to finish that story because I feel like there was so much misunderstanding when my injury happened and the way where I was compared to some people for not being able to compete, but it’s fair to say, my back was fu**ed, really fu**ed. The doctor said I was not able to compete. I was following the doctor’s directions. I had to wait for a long, long time just to be able to do basic things. We talked about it so many times, but it is important for people to understand. Sometimes we have to drop titles and we have to leave the scene in order for us to heal and for us not to hurt our companions or our other athletes. Your back is very important to lift other people, to do anything.”

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